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Earth Defense Force 2017


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It's no Gears of War, but it's mad fun

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 21, 2007

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Essentially, this is a budget title for the 360. Brand new this game will only run you $39.99, and it shows. Graphically, it's mediocre, but who cares? Since the dawn of videogames, the most important element of a game is how fun it is, and this game is fun. I don't even know why it's fun, but I enjoy it.

EDF is a third-person shooter along the lines of GRAW or Gears but without the big budget. You can commandeer vehicles and blow up pretty much everything in the environment (trees, buildings, etc.). The game spans 50+ missions which are fairly similar. You can replay the missions on 5 progressively harder difficulty levels to unlock more life, guns, and so forth. Doing so will take a good number of hours, as will trying to earn all the Achievements (clearing all stages on each difficulty level and unlocking all of the guns).

You can tackle the missions in co-op mode also, but for whatever reason there's no online play. Multiplayer is limited to offline splitscreen, unlike most other 360 games nowadays that offer online but no splitscreen. When are developers going to get it in their heads that we want BOTH? Anyways, considering this is a budget title, maybe they just didn't have the cash to develop an online mode. Who knows.

As I said before, the graphics aren't all that good. There are, however, some little details here and there that are surprising considering the overall look of the game. The sound is horrible, though. Most of the guns sound too similar and your AI teammates repeat too often. You can even hear them blabbering after they've all been killed! Craziness...

Overall, this game is like something between a regular retail 360 game and an Xbox Live Arcade game. It's bigger and prettier than an Arcade game (and has 1000 points), but uglier and cheaper than a regular game. Honestly, I think EDF fills a missing gap in Microsoft's library, and I welcome it.

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Very Good

Earth Defense Force 2017

posted by jlw7872 (MOUNDSVILLE, WV) Apr 13, 2007

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The game starts kind of slow but picks up quick.
the ants and spiders come from all directions. Giant robots chasing you down. Ufo fighters shooting at you remember just stay alive. And that is on the easy levels. Tons of weapons to give this one good replay value. I recommend you try this game.

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Very Good

Awesomely fun game!

posted by AARGH2K (STERLING, VA) Apr 10, 2007

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This game is exactly what I wanted it to be, a downright fun game, that hearkens back to early Sci-Fi of giant monsters! Graphics are awesome for the setting it is deftly conveys. Co-op play same-screen is a blast and I wish more titles did this in lieu of Live play. Tons of weapons, REALLY destructible environments, and a blast to play. Scale of the enemies is amazing, and really makes the game more than anything else I have ever played.

Not big on story, no scoring, just kill or be killed! Only 2 complaints (and minor) is during the final boss battle there was some serious slowdown, and the vehicles are nearly useless as they damage too easily and are fairly slow to turn (tank, mech and chopper).

This is Robotron for the Next gen, plain and simple. A great game that anyone can pick up and play, so great for friends new to gaming to play! I will most definitely buy (from Gamefly of course)!

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