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ESPN Major League Baseball 2004


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

ESPN Major League Baseball 2004

Power Pitching: After you select a pitch, the empty black Power Pitching bar will appear on screen. When you press and hold the A button, the meter will fill, until you release the button. The higher the meter, the more speed or movement the pitch will have. Power pitching will tire out your hurler quickly, so don't overuse it.

True Aim Hitting: Move the Left Thumbstick in the direction you want to swing the bat. The aim will respond to exactly where you hold the Thumbstick at, and is also pressure-sensitive. You will get the most solid contact by aiming in the exact right spot with the Thumbstick, and timing your swing perfectly.

Base Running: Move the Left Thumbstick towards the corresponding Base, and press B, Y or X to retreat, hold or advance runners, respectively. You can not control runners going towards 1st Base.

Turbo Burst: When you use the Turbo Burst, the yellow cursor will turn red and get larger. This will only last a few seconds, and your player's running and throwing speeds are enhanced during this time.

Directional Pad Move highlight
Left Thumbstick Move highlight
Right Thumbstick Sort players in roster
A Button Select/advance
B Button Return to previous screen
X Button Access game options on Team Select
Y Button View/dismiss Help overlay
White Button Toggle ratings
Black Button View player card
Left Trigger Cycle back through options
Right Trigger Cycle forward through options
Start Select/advance
Back Return to previous menu

Directional Pad Align outfield/infield
Left Thumbstick Aim pitch
A Button Pitch/select pitch
B Button Cancel pitch/select pitch
X Button Pitch out/select pitch
Y Button Select pitch
White Button Access Quickkey Menu
Left Trigger Turn head towards runner
Right Trigger Select pitch
Start Pause
Combo #1 Left Trigger + B = Pick off 1st Base
Combo #2 Left Trigger + Y = Pick off 2nd Base
Combo #3 Left Trigger + X = Pick off 3rd Base

Directional Pad Up = Signal steal 2nd Base, Left = Signal steal 3rd Base, Down = Signal steal Home
Left Thumbstick Aim batting cursor
A Button Swing/practice swing/check swing (tap)
B Button Power swing/check swing (tap)
X Button Steal all/fast steal to signalled runner
Y Button Sacrifice bunt (hold before pitch)/bunt for base hit (hold after pitch)/check bunt (release)
Left Trigger All runners lead off
Right Trigger Shorten lead/all runners back
Start Pause

Left Thumbstick Each direction corresponds to a base: Right = 1st Base, Up = 2nd Base, Left = 3rd Base, Down = Home
B Button Retreat to selected base
X Button Advance to selected base
Y Button Hold running towards selected base
Left Trigger All runners advance
Right Trigger All runners retreat

Left Thumbstick Move player
White Button Select player
Left Trigger Turbo boost
Right Trigger Jump/dive
Start Pause

Left Thumbstick Move player
A Button Throw to Home Plate/cutoff redirect to home (press and hold)
B Button Throw to 1st Base/cutoff redirect to 1st Base (press and hold)
X Button Throw to 3rd Base/cutoff redirect to 3rd Base (press and hold)
Y Button Throw to 2nd Base/cutoff redirect to 2nd Base (press and hold)
Left Trigger Turbo burst
Right Trigger Cutoff man catch
Start Pause