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To steal home easily, when you have a runner on third, press the Left Analog-stick towards the third base line. You are now playing as the runner. Take the biggest lead that you can. The third baseman will run for the base. Once you see this, you should have plenty of time to get back, no matter how big your lead. After you slide in safely, take a huge lead again. When you see the pitcher move to pick you off, break for home. Because of your huge lead, you should slide in safely. If timed correctly, you should be safe about 95%. REMEMBER: Tap A rapidly to run faster.

Unfair trades

Go to the disabled list and look at the players who are injured, mostly the ones who are out for about 60 days. Go to the trade players screen and select that injured player. Select a player from your team who is terrible. Ask for the trade and they will either accept, or accept and ask for one BP or more.

Easy Perfect Game

Go to the game play setting sliders and go to "AI batting". Set everything to 100 and the CPU will never swing the bat.

Stealing bases

99% of the time, if your lead off hitter is fast egnough he can steal. If the other team has a cannon of a catcher stay there. If you are a rookie, try not to lead off because it is difficult to get back on base not getting off. If a player is at third and the hitter hits the ball, wait until your opponent catches it. Then, steal from third base to home plate. If you have a person on second and third base, make the batter bunt (only if you have no or one outs) and go home and to third base so that the batter gets a sacrifice bunt RBI.

Better homerun chance

Hold Left Analog-stick Up for a better chance of hitting a homerun. This works well when using a power hitter such as Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, Frank Thomas, etc.

Better homerun chance

Press B to swing or use B and press Left Analog-stick Up.

Easy strikes

Pitch the ball and hold White during the windup. If done correctly the batter will foul off or miss the swing.


If runners are at first and third base and with only no or one outs, steal second. Almost all of the time, they will not throw. If they do, have the runner on third go home for an easy run.