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VERY frustrating at first

posted by williambertram (WICHITA, KS) Aug 9, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Wow, the controls on this game are COMPLETELY unique. I still find myself frustrated when my guy is facing the wrong direction. Beginners should definitely doe the ball machine for a while, then choose Nadal vs. the weakest possible player to warm up for several games. Trust me, you will be frustrated with the controls for a while. The game suggests standing up and emulating a tennis stance, so I did that and it helped a lot. Took about 15 games of yelling and complaining to finally get the hang of moving the guy around. It's just so.... counter intuitive. Especially returning serves. Sometimes instead of just hitting a backhand like you want, the guy will for some unknown reason go completely on the other side of the ball and hit this awkward scrunched up forehand. Yeah, the controls on this one seemed downright terrible at first. After about 20 games... so - so. It's fun, but in my opinion more work should have been done to make the controls intuitive. One thing I REALLY hate is fumbling around with awkward controls. Make the controls simple, and the game challenging. It's much more fun that way. I have to say Wii Tennis is a lot better than this game, although it's a bit awkward as well. Either one is much like playing actual tennis. :) Maybe a better name for this would be "Struggle with awkward controls that vaguely resembles playing tennis". :)

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A lot of potential - terrible gameplay

posted by sunny757 (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) Dec 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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i really wanted to like this game, it has all the players and courts, but the game play is far from tolerable, wii sports resort's table tennis is light years ahead of this game

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The best so far (that's not saying much)

posted by mudixon (GRIMESLAND, NC) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2004

For the Wii, this is the best tennis game I've tried so far. I found myself swinging the remote like a real tennis racket, and (for the most part) the game responded as it should have. In fact, I was trying to whip those backhands so fast that (through a bit too much gaming at one time) I pull a muscle or two in my bicep! You don't have to swing as hard as it makes you think you do!

One area that it needs improvement is with the serve. I was unable to find a way to provide an adequate speedy serve to ace my opponent. Another area of improvement needed is the lack of other venues to play. Why not start your tennis player's career at the bottom and work your way up? Instead, the game starts you at the Australian Open! Not realistic.

The game does get you off your butt, and I did get a workout in the arms when I played it for hours at a time. However, the Wii Motion add-on made the gameplay worse, and I had to remove it after realizing that I was not at fault for missing so many returns.

EA Sports made a good-faith effort here, but I wanted more expansive game play. It feels like tennis when you're playing, but it gets too repetitive and boring after you've finished playing the four venues.

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