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EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis

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Very Disappointing... STAY AWAY!

posted by mahollo (JASPER, AL) Feb 3, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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I chose to rent this game due to the fact that I love playing real tennis, and this seemed like it would be as realistic as I could get short of going outside during the winter to play actual tennis. I was completely wrong. Sadly, Wii Sports tennis is actually a more realistic tennis game than this poor attempt by EA Sports. Where to begin... The computer's shot selections are almost impossible to predict, and have no rhyme or reason to them. This is not meaning that the game has intelligent AI, but rather the shots are completely random and have little to no strategy behind them. They just go anywhere at anytime. Also, the shots that you are able to take are even more unrealistic. If you attempt to swing in a realistic tennis motion for topspin or backspin, approximately 3/4 of the time you will end up with the opposite shot that you were attempting to take. Add this to the fact that there is no intuitive way to control the way/direction of where your player is running (and if you let the computer run for you it will consistently over or under run a shot), and you are left with a total flop of a game. I also would like to add that the new Wii-motion plus had absolutely no advantage to it, and it added nothing to the game. Most of the time the controller was not 1:1 with how I was holding it, and I used multiple controllers and recalibrated it several different times to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. All in all just a poor excuse of a game. The only positive of the game is that you can play as some of the all-time greats that don't seem to get much exposure in other video games.

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A lot of potential - terrible gameplay

posted by sunny757 (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) Dec 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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i really wanted to like this game, it has all the players and courts, but the game play is far from tolerable, wii sports resort's table tennis is light years ahead of this game

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Isnt this the game that came with my Wii?

posted by alec9922 (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

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Anytime EA sports does something, they usually do it more than just right, they do it very well. Not this time. They spent the time and effort to get permission to use all 4 Grand Slam venues, complete with sponsors and play by play announcers with accurate accents. I wish they would have spent some of that time on the game.

The game is really only a version of Wii Sports tennis with a few famous names and prettier graphics. If not for the novelty of the Wii Motion Plus controller and its ability to more accurately control the spin of your shots, this game would be no better than the free game you got with your Wii.

The court movement of your character (who you have very minimal ability to personalize) is awkard, often leaving you not knowing if your hitting a forehand or backhand until its too late. You can set the game up to control your movement with the nunchuck buts it takes more getting used to than i was willing to spend on the game.

There is no career mode-- Only Grand Slam mode which allows you to play the 4 big tourneys but omits the rest of the tennis season. You start out playing a warm up match for the Australian Open without having ever earned your way in. Its the least in depth career mode i have ever seen--- doubly disappointing for an EA Sports game.

It actually has a calorie counter. DUMB! Why not have spent that effort on expanding the customization ability of your character.

Overall, its as big a failure as EA Sports is capable of.....a version of Wii Sports tennis with famous names and a few bells and whistles.

If you have the Wii Motion Plus-- rent it to get some use out of it. You will be ready to return it in a day or so and get back to a game that is truly worthy of the EA Sports name and the coolness of the Wii Motion Plus-- Tiger Woods 10

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