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EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis

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I give this game an 8.5

posted by jdsampson (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Jun 22, 2009

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If you are only going to give this game 30 minutes you are not going to like it at all. At first I was very frustrated with it and did not know exactly what I was doing. The game is not one to one motion when you are swinging. It is a one to one of how you swing.(with wii motion plus is only way to play, if you don't this don't play or go out and buy one) If you stop your swing short it will go one direction. If you only swing half way it will go straight. It also recognizes top spin, slice, and a flat shot perfectly. You do have to press a or b for dop shots and lobs though. I would also recomend going with the combo of wii mote, wii motion +, and nunchuck. You really need to play the game for about an hour before you will really get the system down. Once you do though it becomes a very rewarding system and very addictive. Online for the game works extremely well and is a lot of fun. It completely bypasses the need for freind codes. I have ward though that the single platyer mode does lack some depth. Most of my time spent playing is with people localy or with people online.

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Much better than Virtua Tennis

posted by Neelix (MALDEN, MA) Jun 11, 2009

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Ok, this game is not perfect, but it is really enjoyable to play. Yes, there are times when the new wii-motion plus is erratic, but after I recalibrate the wii-mote placing it face down for 2 seconds, it plays much better.

There is a one to one motion aspect that you don't get in Virtua Tennis. Also, the graphics are more appealing. The other game tries to be more realistic but the characters end up looking bizarro and kinda scary.

It took a little learning curve to get the movements down, but once I did, this game is really great.

Here's one important hint. Since it is a true one to one motion transfer, when you are in the ready stance, you hold your "racquet" in a ready pose where your wii-mote top is actually facing the screen. If you aim to the left of the screen slightly, it will be in a pose ready to hit a back hand (if you're right handed) and vice versa, if you aim it to the right a little, it instructs your avatar to prepare to hit a forehand.

Once I got that down, the swings came more easily.

Don't take my word for it, try both versions (Virtua Tennis 2009 and this one) and you'll see for yourself. EA definitely wins out in this battle for the racquet.

Match Point!

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Very Good

Best Tennis SIM Yet

posted by NealWM (STUDIO CITY, CA) Jun 21, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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Using the Motion Plus is a bit frustrating at times because of the on again off again nature of it but overall this is the best tennis simulation so far...and I have tried them all. My one complaint is that it seems that the pros always seem to have that perfect counter shot in the one on one play...I understand they are supposed to be the pro players but throw us a bone once and awhile. Love the game though.

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