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Career mode is horrible

posted by KTurner (BLAWNOX, PA) Oct 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2004

Let me start off by saying that I play tennis every week and simply love the game and thought I would also love this game but I truly don't and let me explain.

First off I love the controls and using the analog stick to make shots. Takes a little to get used to after many years of video game tennis where you hold the button down and then let go to make a shot. If you are confused with the controls I recommend you do the training and you also have the option of the normal button style if you desire. I hope all future tennis games use this style of control as again it was awesome.

Where I had the issue was with the shallow career mode. You have the ability to create your character along with importing your face which all of this went smooth. You begin by having the ability to train, play exhibition matches, and even tournaments along with the 4 majors. Your career will span for 10 years where you need to up your rankings by winning and the goal is to become the best.

This all sounds great except for the fact you can't change the difficulty level as it increases as you go throughout your 10 years. I am good with this except for the fact I was able to win every single match and tournament I was in. Take for example as i worked through my first year my overall player skill was a 40 and would play against other CPU players in a major with a skill level of 90 or higher and I would stomp them into the ground by not even losing one point or match to them. Very unrealistic and if anything they should have been kicking my butt and then as I progress I would be able to battle them and eventually win. The other issue is the fact that once you go through at least 1 year then you have seen everything and not really a point to move on. Granted the difficulty gets harder but I didn't see a challenge till after year 6 and by then it was still easy and I simply quit.

Give it a chance if you want but I was expecting more out of it.

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Above Average

Grand Slam 2 Review

posted by Aowens22 (KNOXVILLE, TN) Jul 21, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

EA Sports attempt at tennis doesn't cut it. The full package is just not there for this game.

One of my biggest problems with the game is the fact that you cannot control the difficulty in the career mode, so your first year or two is super easy and a waste of your time. It's a joke that all I have to do is serve and volley my way through every single game to win all four grand slams easily my first year which is mostly just dumb. Luckily, you can choose to play short (1 set 3 games), medium (3 sets 5 games), or long (5 sets 7 games) matches. The short matches are the only thing that kept me attempting to make it through the first couple of years. If you can bear to get through the first few years (which I can't) the game might become fun and challenging.

Secondly, in the career mode, it seems that the best players are always grouped next to each other in the tournaments. You'll find that Nadal, Federer, Roddick, and Djokovic seem to all play each other before Round 3 of most Grand Slam Tournaments. Although this has nothing to do with the actual gameplay, it is just another instance of EA Sports not paying attention to the small things in their career mode.

If I were going to take any positives out of the game it is the following... The stick controls are way better than button mashing tennis. When you find the perfect timing and master your control over the shots its an extremely satisfying feeling. Also, obviously all of the Grand Slams are in this game.

This game is headed in the right direction for EA tennis, but the career mode needs to be fixed for sure. You can get some fun out of playing some exhibitions on higher difficulty. I only recommend the game for those who just want a fun tennis game to play with friends or those who are willing to give the career mode a lot of boring time before it gets good.

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posted by colombiamix (UNION CITY, NJ) Jun 12, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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First of all guys don't trust the other review SERIOUSLY i thought for a long time to get this game but i soon as i saw all the 6 and 5 and 3 and 1 reviews i was a little skeptical BUT i WHEN ON AND GOT IT AND TO TELL U THE TRUTH I LIKE THE GAME......ALL THIS TALK ABOUT THE CONTROL BIG LIE.....maybe for people that start a career on this game without even going to the practice mode OF COURSE U WILL GET UR butt kick so stop by the practice mode beat the objectives get a game or two and U will be on your way to play......i did it and this is my first tennis game ever..... my record CARRER (66-0) O LINE (45-2)

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