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EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis 2


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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Tennis Game, best one out there I think

posted by 3stooges (BOCA RATON, FL) Apr 28, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I really enjoyed this tennis game the most out of the other tennis games out there like Topspin and Virtua Tennis. For me the rankings would be Grand Slam #1, Virtua Tennis #2, and Topspin #3. Topspin has the best graphics of all the other ones though. In Grand Slam I also wish you can play with one of the pros on career mode. You can only play as the pros in the tournament mode or exhibition play. You can create your own player in career mode but I would rather play as djokovic. The difficulty level isn't so hard in career mode. In the other modes you can turn it higher, I played it on the highest difficulty and Rafa just crushed me. Overall a good tennis game, was fun to play. One more thing to note, the controls were very difficult with the joystick, I highly recommend the arcade controls Triangle, O, X, square to use instead.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Solid Tennis Game

posted by lilneup3 (LANCASTER, PA) Apr 26, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I have played most of the tennis games out there and all the most recent (Top Spin 4, Virtual Tennis 3, and This)...

I enjoyed the gameplay in this game more than in any of the other games. Everything is done with the right stick just like most of EA Sports other games.

The graphics were about the same in comparison to Top Spin, (VT3 is worse). One thing that is alway cool though is the game face element for EA Sports games where you can import a picture of you to get an incredibly realistic character face. I personally was a little disappointed with the graphic though. I expect EA to have the best graphics, and they were just good. Characters look very real, but everything around them is very sub-par.

Now the game features, is pretty bad. It just has you train, and play in tournament to ultimately become the number 1 ranked person. I felt like it got boring fairly quickly, (about 2 seasons). It is way too unrealistic with the rankings. You can win every masters for 2 straight years and still be ranked 35th in the world. Seems a bit ridiculous.

Online play was really fun though. Everyone is really good on it though, so wait a little until you try it out. Good game over all, could use some new features to make it a lot more entertaining long term, but hey... this is GF, that stuff doesn't matter here. Definitely a rent though, and not a buy.

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GF Rating


Best Tennis Game I've played

posted by MPL1999 (FRANKLINVILLE, NJ) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

I've been playing tennis games since the Playstation 2. If I have to rank it from 1-3 here's how it would go.

#1 Grand Slam Tennis
#2 Sega Sports/Virtua Tennis
#3 Top Spin

Having said that. Grand Slam tennis was worth the wait and blows those other tennis games out of the water. I've been waiting for 20+ years for EA Sports to make a tennis game and they've delieved.

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