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Dynasty Warriors


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Gameplay Controls

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Dynasty Warriors

Directional Buttons Up/Down = Choose Officer. Left = Confirm Officer. Right = Implement Officer Battle Skills.
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Charge Attack. Press While Jumping for Jumping Charge Attack.
Square Button Normal Attack. Press While Running for Dash Attack. Press While Jumping for Jump Attack.
Circle Button Musou Attack. Press When Life Meter Turns Red for True Musou Attack.
L Button Guard. Press L and Triangle to Parry. Use the Analog Stick to Shift Move While Pressing the L Button. Press While in the Air for Somersault.
R Button Bow Attack. Hold Down to Raise Bow, Aim Using Analog Stick. R + Square = Normal Attack. R + Triangle = Increased Strength, Stop Enemy's Forward Movement. R + Circle = Volley.
Start Button Pause. View Info Screen.
Select Button Switch Between Maps
Analog Stick Movement
Home Button End a Game
Combo #1 R + Square/Triangle/Circle = Bow Attack
Combo #2 Square/Triangle/Circle While on a Horse or Elephant = Mounted Horse/Elephant Attack
Combo #3 Charge Attacks:
Level 1-3: Triangle
Square, Triangle
Square, Square, Triangle
Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Level 4-6: Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle
Level 7-10: Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle