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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce


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More of the same, enough to impress

posted by tronsta (ROSELLE, NJ) Mar 16, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

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Yeah, it's another Dynasty Warriors game. Yeah, all the ol' gang is here. Yep, you'll have to chase Lu Bu again. All in all I should hate this game but I found it, once I got the hang of the mechanics, pretty enjoyable.

Firstly, the newest "innovation" to this series is the multiplayer aspect. It's done pretty well, seamless and without much problem, but truth be told hardly anyone is playing this online right now. I've logged on during the day, on weekends and weekdays, at night, late and early evening, and at most I've seen 4 different games to choose from, and that is after refreshing the screen over and over. If you don't care about multiplayer, or you have friends who play it, it's worth it. Otherwise, don't count on multiplayer if deciding whether or not to buy this.

Secondly, the ability to gain allied officers and swap between them during the campaign was pretty cool. They really focus on weapons in this game and each style of weapon is basically a rock-paper-scissors choice for each enemy,so having a team of mixed weapons works best. There's extensive upgrade options, almost exhaustive, and you find yourself becoming more and more powerful as your levels increase.

The level design has been changed from one big map to small maps that you travel to and from through portals. I would imagine this was done to both simply travel and provide faster performance when playing multiplayer. At first I wasn't a fan of this. I'm actually still not a fan of it. I loved the big open spaces, jumping on a horse and leaving one part of the battle for another. It makes it all feel shallow and small.

Basically take every Dynasty Warriors game you've ever played, add more character upgrades and online multiplayer, and you've got Strikeforce. If you've hated past DW games, don't bother. If you kinda sort like them, rent it and try it out.

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A pitiful excuse for a Dynasty Warriors game...

posted by Febostaf (OWLS HEAD, ME) May 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I will keep this short and to the point and list the problems with this game...

1. they take the massive open battlefields away in favor of tiny instanced missions.

2. no empire mode or create a character, although i know these are newish features in DW games i have grown to love them and the lack of these make this game horribly linear and makes it have little to no replay value in my opinion.

3. the combat has taken a step back in terms of motion capture quality and FPS [20 or 30 NPC's make the game lag like crazy]

the list goes on and on but my hands are tired from playing a horrible game..... DO NOT GET THIS GAME, stick with the good DW games [after sending this game back in the mail i decided to get DW 6: empires to clear my head]

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Tacoshell (GIG HARBOR, WA) Feb 20, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

13 out of 17 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

This is a great addition to the series if you have played it before. the biggest difference is online play. the story is not told nearly as well in thing one as in others, little to no cut-scenes short dialogue and just overall lacks a sense of story. the game play is very much a hack and slash game with tthe ability to modify your character for a seemingly limitless amount of playing styles. Even with it's downfalls in comparison to the earlier games the move to online multiplayer easily makes up for it. Nothing beats cutting down hundreds of baddys with 3 friends.

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