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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

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Major Disapointment

posted by JoeyValles (STOCKTON, CA) Feb 19, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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I am a huge Dynasty Warriors fan. I have been playing it since number 3 so I can honestly say that this is the worst one ever! The abilities to power up and fly aren't that great. The flying gets annoying and your other form is just a downgraded musou rage. Many characters are still missing and the story mode is the same for everyone, which definately lowers replayability. I think the worst aspect is that there is no split screen or free mode anymore. Dynasty warriors used to be the game I played together with my friends when they came over and was one of the few PS3 games where I was able to do that. That is not true anymore. Another bad thing is the smallness of the maps and how the game has to load when you leave a section of the it. There are also not that many guys to kill. I think the most I ever got on a level was 200 kills where in earlier games I would get 500 without even trying. To be fair the RPG elements are interesting and having a second weapon is kind of fun. The graphics are great and the character's other forms are awesome. Overall the game components are either flawed or have been seen before and whatever content that would have made it relatively enjoyable has been cut out. If you want to play Dynasty Warriors then I suggest picking one of the previous versions.

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Has its upsides and downsides

posted by strikkid (FORT MYERS, FL) May 20, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

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Please read, may be long but will tell you what you need to know

Ok I was torn about getting this game. Almost everyone was either great or sucks no in between. I have to tell you my experience with this game since I have played this series forever it feels like. First of all I have to be honest. Like 15 straight hack and slash games are fine but a change was very refreshing. Dont get me wron it is still a hack and slash and the controls seem a little slower but overall this game is very much indeed fun. A few changes would have been preferred to make the gameplay better but all in all its a good game. First and foremost what i noticed off the bat is you cant manually charge your mosou gauge, but don't fret you can actually carry up to 5 different types of items so you can do a mosou attack then regenerate the gauge and whoop butt again. Also there is no more different type of charge combos, you know the attack attack then strong attack is different than a>a>a>a>st attack. Whenever you hit the strong attack it will at best do only one of 2 attacks, a held charged attack or a non charged attack. I am a little dissapointed that you can't choose a 2 player mode except by playing with others online. There also isn't as much side games, I would love for them to remake this, increase the combat controls, make it a little tougher, not to keep it as a button mash. keep the dashing because it works, keep the giant bosses. Not a big fan of the fury state but i guess its like the rage token you used to get. I like the ability for some to fly, maybe people that you know throw fire out of their staff but not all characters. Make every character or fraction ie strategist, lord, etc. have a unique technique. Definetely make the underlings suck like it used to be. Dont let the foot soldiers fly or at least only allow the majors to fly. Overall this game has a few flaws but personally tweeking this game a little and making it more for older people may turn this series into a 10

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Very Good

A new direction koei! KUDOS

posted by Prizzem (RANDOLPH, NJ) Feb 20, 2010

Member since May 2008

8 out of 13 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I have been a fan since DW3 and its been all down hill since then pretty much. Strikeforce is a breath of fresh air that the series really needed. From the RPG elements to the new fury system and not to mention 4 player coop or compet! Strikeforce sends this series in a whole new direction! The Fury system is now your first musou sends you into a Fury state where you can jump super high, dash super fast and do so pretty sweet air combos. To release fury just do your musou or let the bar run down. Strikeforce lets you customize your character quite a bit with orbs for weapons to add different damage types, Chi skills can be added to your hands and feet to aid you in combat. You can also use any 2 weapons you want to and switch out in combat on the fly. You can make a new weapon or upgrade your existing one. You can buy items before each fight and use them with a bit of a cooldown in between. The ported graphics have been cleaned and look great on next gen consoles. Control scheme on PS3 is works very well and with the online play i feel this game has a great replay value. IS this a buy? really you need to decide that for yourself. Pick it up! NOW!

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