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Best one yet

posted by MDGame (ALLENTOWN, PA) Jul 2, 2011

Member since Jan 2008

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I was very excited for this game and I am not disappointed..

the new graphics style (cel shading) is amazing the game is easily the prettiest Dynasty Warriors so far the robots look sweet

speaking of robots DWG3 has lots of them including some of my favorites like Unicorn and Deathscythe

the gameplay is similar to previous entries with few new features like summoning a partner

the stages are also different they are smaller..some people may dislike this but I thought its fine.

you can customize all of your gundams and add attachments and maxing out their stats . Also they fixed the annoying relationship system

The game is hard, harder than the previous games which is a big plus. You can't just mindlessly rush and button mash your way, you need to use some strategy like taking certain bases early and using gameplay mechanics like dashing efficiently. you should especially be careful with aces..

the story is decent..its not really the focus of the game but if you are a gundam enthusiast you will enjoy seeing all the characters from different series interact and of course the robots too ;) you will surely find one of your favs

overall this has to be the best DW game, tons of content, smooth and fun gameplay, and lots of gundams. If you liked DWG1 or DWG2 then I guarantee you will love this one. If you are a newcomer then give it a chance, this game is just fun..and if your get hooked it will keep you busy for a long time.

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posted by Icedog (PORTSMOUTH, VA) Aug 2, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

If you like the DWG series, then you will love this one.

Some simalarities with DWG2:
1. basic "XY" fighting style
2. thruster controls
3. every mobile suit from DWG2

Some differences that DWG3 brings:
1. graphics: amped up to almost cgi standards (real life cartoon)
2. mobile suits: a new handful of MS/Gundams including Deathscythe :D
3. Lab: you can develop, customize, and even sell "plans" (you'll find out once you play lol)
4. missions: characters team up with unusual allies in at least 4 different story missions. There are also "history" missions where you play through some events that happend in the actual Gundam timeline.

I highly recomend getting if you are a Gundam/ Dynastry Warriors fan

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Best Dynasty Warriors Gundam yet

posted by AoWdemon (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) Jul 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This should go without saying that the "Warriors" games are a niche style that you either love or hate. If you love the "Warriors" games you will love this one too.

They basically took everything people hated from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and fixed it. The horrible friendship system is now much more manageable and isn't anywhere near as annoying. Buying Licenses and Skills is a lot less annoying. Changing mobile suit blueprints is no longer extremely annoying. Some of the movesets were upgraded. And they even added some fan favorites that people really wanted in like Duo Maxwell and Deathscythe. They also improved the AI a lot, they are much more aggressive and will be attacking almost all the time. And that's not just the enemy Ace Pilots.

One of the biggest improvements, which actually surprised me, was the change to cel-shaded graphics. This looks a lot closer to the anime and adds a lot to the general feel of the game.

A few other improvements include changing different fields on the battlefield to have different purposes like increasing the partner guage or disabling the enemies ability to respawn. And the Partner system where you select another pilot to be your partner (they all do many different things) which you can call in when you have one slot filled in the partner guage.

This game is infinitely better then the games before it and if you are a fan you cannot miss this game.

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