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gundam dynasty warriors 3

posted by bloodedge (ROCKFORD, IL) Jul 19, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

gundam was a good game because its my type of game nd it also brings back my days when i was younger and i used to watch some of the older gundam shows like wing gundam mobile g gundam so its a fun game for all you anime lovers like myself so if u like animes or watever like hack and slash games repetetive stuff u will like this game

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better dynasty gundam

posted by silenth2u (MANASSAS, VA) Jul 16, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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This game is an upgrade from Gundam Dynasty warriors 2. The game starts out a little slow but it makes your earn the more powerful moves instead of just giving you all the moves. All suits are upgradabel and its alot easier getting parts. The upgrade system gets a little getting used to but you dont have to play a thousand missions just to get the parts you need for the gundam that you like playing. The gameplay gives you loads and loads of hack n slash fun but the camera is a little off this time. Its a little to close and with the closes stages some times the visuals can get a little overwhelming.

All and all this is the best one yet. A little more tweeking for the next one and it will be perfect. I cant wait till the downloadable content comes out. This one is definatly a great rent if you need to spend tones of hours blowing off steam mowing down mech's. If your a Gundam fan like me this is definatly a must buy.

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almost worse than strikeforce

posted by jason1992 (BEECHER, IL) Jul 8, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

2 out of 10 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

well lets put it this way. the combat is exactly the same which i have no problem with i mean its koei.
but the main problems i have with it is. that the story is AWFUL ok its like a REALLY BAD version of warriors orochi which was dynasty warriors mixed with samurai warriors. the charactors from different era's come together and none of them know whats going on so they get allies and make enemies just like in warriors orochi

next the levels and their designs painfuly bad. its super congested. you know like when you play any dynasty warriors game (not strikeforce) you have the freedom of going anyware you want and not like your going to like 1 area after the next with barely any freedom. you have no freedom and nothing fun about the levels

sure there are cool things about the levels but the cool factor goes away super fast like how in certain areas there are like bonuses like a catapult that shoots you to another area in the level or a repair place. they could have done more to it

another horrible thing is that they added charactors to the roster from different series. why is that bad? well in gundam wing series theyre missing 3 of the main characters. also they got rid of some characters for what reason well to my theory is that koei is gunna start charging money to complete the series of characters like i stated above. so basically instead of having a full roster of charactors for all the series we get (which is a heck of a lot some i could do without OO gundam and G gundam) they will make us spend more money to have all the characters for the shows

there are more negatives but lets focus on the positives
1 the graphics are actually nice cell shaded and the cut scenes are great looking.
2. the gundams and mobile suits are for the most part different in terms of combos
3. the partner attacks are intresting
4. online play is not the greatest at all but i like playing with my friends

i loved gundam 2. it was the best in the series. this one is a huge step back.

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