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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Review

posted by GamerZero (MORRIS PLAINS, NJ) Jul 27, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2 is a great game. I say this because it continues the saga of Gundam History. First and most important if you havn't played the first of the two please I suggest you do so. I won't give away any spoilers don't worry but as a Gundam freak fan LOLZ I loved both games just for love of Gundam I have. BUT don't think that I only like it for that reason because that is incorrect. I like these two games because it's somthing alot Gundam fans have been waiting for. But the last thing I want to mention is that I belive that it is fasanating how the idea of Dynasty Warriors was now put in a Gundam sorta version all same aspects! But overall this game is a GREAT action/adventure and RPG game to be played! REMEMBER as I say DON'T KNOCK IT TIL' YOU TRY IT! Yeah I know that was pretty corny =) ! Welll I hope you understand what I'am saying and keep having FUN!!

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Very Good

Better then I thought it would be.

posted by KHMDark (COVINGTON, GA) Jul 11, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

I have to say, this is not a bad game. At first, I thought that it was just going to be a game where you press the same button over and over, killing hordes of idiot enemies with only a few characters.
Well, I was mostly wrong.
You can choose up to over 20 (or many exactly 20, not sure) pilots, and each and every one of them can ride in EVERY Mobile Suit you fight against in the game... except for Mobile Armors (dang).

You have two buttons for attack, X and Y. X is the normal attack while Y is for your ranged, but if you press Y after, let's say in this case, two X presses, you'll do a special attack. Each suit has about 6 normal attacks, and after any number of times you press it and then Y, you'll do a special attack. Then there's the SP attack, which is the B button. It's like your ultamite attack, and you have two types, one is on the ground while the other is done in the air. Simple enough (then there's a joint SP attack, where you do a whole other attack with an ally).

The number of pilots, and who they are, shocked me. There is at least one pilot from every Gundam show (like Master Asia and Domon... which the voice actor is so bad I want to shoot him.).
The Mobile Armor fights is a very good add to the game, there is even one fight where you fight someone which will shock you. I'll give you a hint; "He knows Domon and is a pilot of a Mobile Armor".

O.k, the enemies are MOSTLY brainless, same with your allies. But there ARE times where they are smart and help you... A LOT.
There is three modes you can play on; Easy, Medium, and Hard. My thing is, stay with Easy and Medium... Hard is... well... impossible.
All in all, a good game where you kill about a dozen different types of normal enemies in large groups. I would say to rent it and see if you like the game (it'll keep you busy for a while!). If you REALLY like it, then you should buy it.
Oh! Coolest thing is, in Mission Mode, ALL of the pilots interacts with each other in original story lines!

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by NeoNamurai (DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA) Jul 7, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

Don't get me wrong. I have been a long time Dynasty Warriors fan and couldn't have been more excited when they came up for the idea to base a game off of gundum but is this really the best they can do? Not only is it almost exactly the same as the first one it is actually more boring, if that was even possible.

Even someone who is extremely familiar with the Gundam Anime, like myself, couldn't help but get lost in the horrible voice acting and subpar gameplay. I mean, hot many times can you press x x x y without trearing your hair out from boredom. Sad to say, this was one of those games that I wish I had never alowed to steal hours away from my life.

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