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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

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Good game that stumbles a little.

posted by Razgriz19 (MOYOCK, NC) Oct 4, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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Being a long time DW fan, i enjoyed this game. I did have a few problems though.

Lots of new chars and MS's, including being able to create the foot soldier mechs like Zakus and GMs.
Online, while being a pain to get working, is DEFINATELY a welcome addition.
The parts system is pretty decent, very similar to the old DW system of finding weapons.
Mission mode was an ok idea that allows a bit of freedom in how you play threw a chars story.

Large mechs like the Psycho Gundam are more annoying time wasters than intimidating bosses
Horrible Ally AI means that VIP mechs kamikaze plenty of times and other main chars are really meat shields with fancy mechs rather than fellow Gundam aces.
Although they did add a decent amount of new chars to the sequal, WHY did they not expand on the other series (like Gundam Wing or the G Gundam series)? They missed out on having mechs like Deathsythe, Shenlong, and Tallgeese from the Wing series and Rose, Bear, and the other ones from the G Gundam series. That was a pretty hard blow imo.
Mission mode's "relationship" system is pointless seeing as how you would fight along side a character in one mission, but the next you would be fighting that same person.

I was hoping that they would have an Empires-like addon for this series. As i said above, i would have prefered to where we would fight along side the same 3-6 allies in each chars story like in the first game rather than it be all over the place.

It's an ok game overall, strongly recommend it as a rent.

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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

posted by Valkerion (SAVANNAH, GA) May 7, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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This is the 2nd game in the DW gundam series. The first was a great update of the classic DW formula and this one is a more updated, bigger, more to do version of the first.

This game is what the DW series needed to do. The game is very well made in its graphics and gameplay. Everyone knows it for having dozens of baddies on screen at once, but this one really made me say wow. I could not believe there were so many on screen at one time. Well over 100 individual mechs on screen.

If you have played a DW before you know what to expect. This game takes that and enhances it by gradually giving you more attacks, skills, power ups as you go. Lots of diffrent characters to pick and even more diffrent Gundams and Mobile Suits to pick. Each with different attacks.

This game has alot, ALOT of diffrent missions. Offical mode follows the events of the anime for the Universal Colony series (original, Z, ZZ, Char's counter attack) which is about 15 missions for each character. Then mission mode which has all the other series in it. This mode has about 6-8 cant remember, diffrent mission types. These range from story, free missions, missions to get new gundams ect.

Best part about mission mode is that the missions change constantly outside of story mode. One time you may fight with a certian character on your side another it will be someone diffrent or maybe a diffrent map.

Lots to collect and unlock in the game for hours of gameplay. The is nothing but great replay value in this game. If your a DW fan or a gundam fan you MUST try this game. Highly recommend it.

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A time investment

posted by itsamia (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Jun 25, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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I was really dissappointed by this new release. There are some good points...but few and far between. You have a wider selection of mobile suits to choose from as well as pilots. They added in more button mashing to do more damage. And it really feels like your creating the mobile suits as you are collecting the pieces.

However those are about the only good things on this game. As an avid player of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1, I felt this game would be quick to appreciate. First off it, the mission mode requires a lot of time invested into it. There are numerous missions to choose from and after 4 hours I was unable to make a dent.

Also in mission mode the story line to each character is lackluster. In the first one you played more of a coherant storyline but in the second installment it was more random. It was weird, at times the people you have as allies would become your enemies and you would end up lowering any relationship you established with them.

Then there was having to fight the giant mobile suits, at first it was challenging, but after you got the hang of it it became quickly annoying. You have to charge up while avoiding any enemy fire then attack them with the arrows form around them then start wailing on them. And if you have any person you need to protect, make sure they don't die, this battle becomes really agitating. Simply because the AI would never avoid any enemy attacks and end up dying.

Another thing that was rough to listen to, was the repetitive voice over's. For many of the characters in mission mode they just took their lines from the original mode. I found myself turning down the voice over pieces.

All in all, if you have a lot of time on your hands atleast rent it. If you are a hardcore Gundam fan, such as myself, or a hardcore Dynasty Warriors fan then rent the game, it is worth it. But if you said no to both, then don't bother it is kind of lackluster.

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