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For Gundam Fans Only!

posted by serenegate (ESCANABA, MI) Sep 4, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is another game in KOEI's Warrior franchise and Bandai-Namco's Gundam Franchise.

Ill be straight to the point. The game is unremarkable. The graphics seem like something the PS2 or Xbox could churn out. Theres a little bloom on HD, but really I was unimpressed. Models are simplistic, but do feel like your controlling a fairly accurate Gundam for the most part. The environments are also fairly poor. I was hoping the space battles would have some nice spaceship battles or something in the background, but nothing but unimpressive space.

There is novelty in playing through some of the Gundam Story lines, but Gundam looses a lot of flavor when you are mainly melee attacking. Most ranged attacks are utterly useless, except for those that are apart of melee combinations or super attacks aka musou attacks.

Im a big fan of the Dynasty/Samurai series, so I was quite suprised at how much I didn't care for this, since Im also a big fan of Gundam, and neither one of those could keep me interested for more than two days of gameplay.

So if your a gundam fan, and itching for some hacknslash with some of your favorite Gundam units, I say try it out, but don't be suprised if your unimpressed and bored with it easily.

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GF Rating

Above Average

For Major Fans Only

posted by Demon15 (Forreston, IL) Jun 24, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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I find this game rather solid, though only for die hard fans of the DW or Gundam series. It is NOT for casual gamers, like myself, I found it rather difficult to the point of furiation, the "Boss" gundams especialy. The combo system is rather plain, but passable, and the endless slashing through enemys can get boring quite quickly. But with a large amount of unlockable characters and gundams it does have a high replay value and can be entertaining as a last resort to those who are new to the series or are not a true "fan". I give this game a 6.

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A game that can likely be judged by its cover.

posted by zgreenwell (DECATUR, IL) Apr 11, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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There isn't a lot to say about Dynasty Warriors Gundam. You play as characters from the Gundam Universe and will destroy thousands of enemies in typical Dynasty Warrior style. It is probably more fun for fans of any Gundam series, but could be enjoyable without any knowledge of the series. It also helps to have a friend to play through with.

The majority of the game is spent playing the various stories of each character. This is fun for your first through plays as you learn about the character, but too many characters share the same plotline, so after a couple of times through the game gets repetitive. The games combat system doesn't add anything to the game and can be reduced to simple button mashing.

Graphics on the game are good. They're not jaw dropping, but they get the job done. Music is about the same. I actually like the voice acting and the dialog. It can be a little cheesy, but most of it is right out of the anime.

This game made a nice Gamefly Rental for me. It is fun for several hours, but you might get bored trying to finish everything. If you have a friend that is even mildly interested in Gudam anime, then you can make have a nice weekend playing this game.

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