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Gundam the way it should be?

posted by Jager7 (GREENCASTLE, PA) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

If you love third person repetitive shooting and destruction of mobile suits this is the game for you. Controls are, as many say, fluid. The camera is a bit off though. When you can't see the enemy, who is behind you, you're either guessing or looking at your radar to attack them. The game boasts about having all of your favorite Mobile Suits/ Gundams to play as. Yet most of the suits are from one generation and the rest are one or two mobile suits from other generations. The story is hardly enticing. For the most part, it seems as if Bandai is treating the Gundam series like the Megaman franchise. If you are a Dynasty Warriors fan, you would most likely enjoy this game. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore Gundam fan, you will most likely put this back in the sleeve with dissatisfaction.

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Very Good

It's Dynasty Warriors w/ a new wrapper...

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Oct 16, 2007

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Member since Jul 2004

but that doesn't mean it's any less fun :D I guess I should admit I know nothing about Gundam beyond this game and the Crossfire one. I've been playing DW since #2 though and love that series. In that light I think this game delivers exactly what you would expect it to, a DW feel w/ a new skin/look. I'm only a couple of levels into it but so far this is probably one of the best DW games to date. All the usual level ups, use of items, attack the generals/guards to capture territory and win the level stuff is in here. The major differences I see are:

- Health seems to be a little more spare than in your typical DW game.

- Sometimes it can be harder to disengage from your enemies.

...and while these two may seem like criticisms I think it just means you have to put a little more thought into your actions as opposed to run "run over here, mash these buttons, kill off these guys then run off to the next group".

- The major improvement I see is the use of ranged weapons. Instead of holding steady and taking a shot, you can use the ranged attack on the run. It takes a little getting used to but it can be very handy at times.

- The one real criticism, and this could just be character dependent, is the fact the special attacks don't seem to do as much damage as in DW.

Overall if you like the DW series you should at least rent this one. If you're not into button mashers, and I admit they can get dull/repetitive at times, then you'll probably want to give this one a pass.

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posted by ficarrar (STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT) Sep 20, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

The best game I played on the PS3 was a PS2 game...I'm not impressed with any of these games...and Dynasty Warriors is no acception...I played it for at most 5 minutes before i put it back in the package to return.

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