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Simply Amazing!

posted by megadeath (CLEARFIELD, UT) Jul 19, 2013

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Dynasty Warriors 8 for those who haven't played the series before is a button mashing Action game, Koei has made a good name in this genre of games with both the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series, although recent releases in the Dynasty warriors title have been lacking, DW 8 makes up for what they missed.

Story mode: The story mode in this game is great as in all titles before there are the three kingdoms Wu, Shu, and Wei and this title like 7 also has Jin, and Other. In the story you take part in massive battles as 1 of 3 characters (Each level gives you a different group of 3 characters to choose from) The story is much more in depth than that of any of the previous titles, and there was the addition of Online allowing you to team up with others to play through the story.

Free Play: Free play allows you to play through any level as any of the 77 characters from any of the 5 kingdoms. This mode adds a lot of replay value to the game and can also be used to level characters before playing the story.

Ambition mode: This mode is a really cool addition, it's very similar to the "Conquest Mode" in DW7 in this mode you play various battles to get materials to improve your own kingdom, and as your kingdom grows and you fight more battles you will gain allies and grow bonds with your allies to increase their skills. I haven't played this mode very much yet but I can tell from what I have played that it is a great addition to the DW series.

Graphics/Gameplay: The graphics of this game are very good, better than the past 2 titles, and there aren't many glitches as can be expected from this series, there are points where to much will be happening and the game will lag but it's more like slow motion you wiping out hundreds of enemies so it's no big deal. Gameplay is the same as usual with the addition of various features to make it more in depth

Overall I'd say this game is a definite rent for newcomers. and a definite buy for fans of the serie

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Dynasty Winners

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Aug 18, 2013

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All you need to know is that this is the best game in the series since DW5.

Tons of characters, smooth gameplay. REWARDING gameplay, lots to unlock, upgrade, a bunch of modes and an awesome story progression.
If you're not already familiar with the game, story and characters, there's a lot to learn and take in. It can be cheesey and anime-esque at times, but the game it self is tons of fun.

I've been playing this series since the very beginning and never get tired of it. There have been some stale entries and I thought I was starting to outgrow it or something, but nope. Just turns out they haven't been as good until now.

If you were ever curious about a DW game, this is a great place to start. Get at it.

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Very Good

More of the same with improvements

posted by ashnard (LANHAM, MD) Jan 23, 2014

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My title is basically the TL;DR.
I am not a huge fan of musou games but i wanted to try it with my friend. The game is fun and they added some cool mechanics that keep the game fresh as well as some fun modes to incentivise picking a main character, and playing the Sheet out of them. Its a good game, i personally didnt like it because its a musou game and i dont like them very much.

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