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By far, the best entry in the Warriors series

posted by Celor997 (FREDERICK, MD) Apr 26, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

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Despite the fact that these games rarely show much innovation aside from new weapons, characters, and maps.. I have to admit, I was skeptical.

But, what the hey, I said (in a much more explicative-laden way), and grabbed a copy.


Just wow.

This game has better graphics, better controls, much better frame-rate, and is far more user-friendly than the older titles. Not only that, the story mode.. oh man.

I'm a huge fan of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story (and the old games--managed to get a few for the PC, and that took a LOT of digging) and I have to say that, while some room is allowed for creative writing (not much) this portrays the Romance of the Three Kingdoms storyline better than any other game I've played to date.


So, here's my breakdown of Dynasty Warriors 7:

-Similar to previous entries in the series (more or less like any sports game is the exact same as the previous year's entry, just with updated graphics).

-Greatly improved graphics.

-Improved controls

-Improved story mode

-Conquest mode (not as good as the Empires-styled games, but still a lot of fun to play through, and man it is LONG!)

-Improved User Interface

-Improved frame-rate

-Weapons system update (one in hand, one in reserve, swap em on the fly; easier to upgrade weapons how you want them to upgrade)

-Musou system update (Two styles of Musou attack, upgradeable)

That's the good. The not so good:

-Still a repetitive combat system (granted, with updated animations it is more entertaining to watch)

-The voice acting (My God, it is so incredibly cheesy at some points.. the best it can ever manage is "Mediocre". A lot of the dialogue sounds forced, and a lot of the voice actors and actresses have difficulty pronouncing the Chinese names)


Those are the only two complaints I have about the game. Check other peoples' reviews for details.

I recommend this game to fans and newcomers alike; it is by far the best entry in the "Warriors" series to date.

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This game was pretty epic

posted by Dale995 (BRADENTON, FL) Apr 4, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

15 out of 17 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

The game was just like the last dynasty warrior games, but they threw in a separated game type just like dynasty warriors empires. The graphics were increased the camera angle was less stressful and now you can change weapons in the middle of battle to increase your hit combos. The only thing i found wrong about this game was some of the achievements were long term achievements and also it basically had the same concept of previous dynasty warriors but more into the story(campaign).

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Very Good

Best yet

posted by warchiLd9 (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

16 out of 21 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

If you love the hack and slash of previous Dynasty Warriors you will not be let down with this one. They have included more weapon variability and a more immersible storyline. Everything has been improved over previous installments of the game. Downside is that just like in previous games slashing through hundreds of mindless enemies gets old eventually.

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