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Very Good

If your a dynasty warriors fan then youll be happy

posted by edwardo711 (KINGSTON, NY) Mar 29, 2011

Member since Jul 2007

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Story mode is more emersive with a kind of role playing element involved now where you can interact with the members of your clan. Other than new storys and some new weapons its the same hack and slash concept. You do get to carry and switch between two weapons now which is cool. If your a fan get it... its one of the best yet. Still mindless action but does have a little more of a rpg feel with added plots and back stories. Ive been playing this series of games since dynasty warriors 3 and its the best yet. I mean come on... theres like 70 playable characters !!! Great game to mix up a collection.

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A good reboot to the series

posted by xXMr_VampXx (WALDORF, MD) Apr 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

25 out of 26 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

I have been playing this series since even the first DW, which was merely a Soul Calibur style fighting game. Yet, since the Warriors series became what it is, the game has been the same over and over again with each installment, with only a few new characters added in every now and then.
Dynasty warriors 7 finally breathes new life into the series, with just a few minor problems, but the game is good all around. The game finally has an up to date graphics engine, the action is fast paced, and strategy in battles plays a bigger role. Story mode is quite impressive, I found myself actually connecting with the characters and learning more about them, unlike other games where you pretty much had no idea what was going on and everything was just kill kill kill. Conquest mode (the new Free Mode) is a nice replacement, though the battles are a little short, but the rewards of battle are worth it. It's also pretty cool that any officer can use any weapon at any time, and you can even pause in the middle of battle to change weapons.
The only bad thing I would say about this game is that, much like Dynasty Warriors 6, Koei took a lot of shortcuts with this game. You will begin to notice that MANY of the officers still have the exact same fighting moves. (For example, WangYuanji and Zhu Rong both have the same throwing knives, all of the sword wielders have the same move set, any one with the same weapon type has the same moves). Other than this, the game is perfect if you are a fan. There are also a lot of pretty cool DLC coming out, like old outfits and additional weapons, the ability to switch the language to Japanese.

This game is worth a try

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The Greatest Dynasty Warriors Game

posted by Ds1nt3k (SPRINGFIELD, MA) May 17, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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As far as I'm concerned, if you're at all interested in DW, you should understand the combat system is fairly basic. do a couple weak attacks, then a strong attack, then a special. It's not rocket science. However, If you do play because you know about the history, or have read Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms, then rejoice! This is the MOST accurate DW game ever released, even going so far as to include Jin, the eventual conquerers.

The Renbu system, which made the gameplay far TOO basic, has been removed and replace with the older system from 5, with the exception of EX attacks. The Weapon system is also better, thanks to the return of finding and buying weapons from the XL incarnations and you can carry 2, a la Strikeforce. Mounts have returned, with the addition of bears, and you can have tigers, wolves, or falcons fight alongside you.

The story is accurate to the novel, and is played differently. Instead of picking someone, and leveling them up, you get shared experience between all officers of a force. And you will use a majority of the officers in story mode, because it has you use specific officers at different battles they played major parts in.

If the stories aren't enough for you you can play conquest mode, which is something of an amalgam of the last two empire modes. You fight through the land, making allies and conquering cities until you unite all of China under your officer. And, if you don't want to play alone, take it online!

The officers who Koei has deemed not important enough for a sprite of their own are still cut from one of 5 cloths, as they ever were, and they all throw around the same 8 or 9 different vocal reactions, but that comes with the territory. There are too many different people in the book to make them all different would be inconcieveably tedious.

All in all, the game has grown greatly since DW:2. If there are any after this, chances are this will have been the penultimate, there's not much more to do

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