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Very Good

Better, but Not the Best

posted by JoeyValles (STOCKTON, CA) Mar 30, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

48 out of 51 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Let me just say this, if you are a Dynasty Warriors fan you will like this game, but not love it. The graphics are great and they fixed many of the problems from Dynasty Warriors 6. Many of the characters have their old weapons back and the ones that aren't are suppose to be released in a dlc. Characters old costumes are also supposed to be released in a download. In contrast to DW6 the weapons actually upgrade and aren't just three versions of the same weapon. They got rid of the renbu system and returned to the combo system and they brought back and even added new characters. The story mode is good but you can't play it in co-op. This would be alright if they had a free mode. You are able to do split-screen in conquest mode but it is no free mode. It is mostly made up of small missions that seem more like a sidequest than an actual battle. I thought you would be able to play the stages that happen in the story mode, but I guess not. I don't know why they didn't just keep free mode but they made a very bad mistake. Also, one last thing that I don't like, leveling up. There are still skills like in DW6 but there are a lot less. They mostly just give you extra attacks and musou, a lot less than the previous game. They should have just gotten rid of it completely since it is so small. Another thing is that the characters don't have levels. They level up but there is no indicator that they did. It makes it confusing and gives you less of a feeling of accomplishment.
This game is much better than the last couple of installments. They fixed the characters and fixed some of the gameplay. Unfortunately they also messed up some of the gameplay. In my opinion, if KOEI wants a truly great game they need to make it more like DW5. Keep most of the characters the way they are, add the new kingdom, and update the graphics and maps. KOEI is trying way too hard to please professional game reviewers. Anyway, that's my opinion. You can decide yours.

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Does Justice To The Characters

posted by TheCrispyDud (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Previous iterations of the Dynasty Warriors series lacked one key element behind each character present in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, that being, drama. Naturally that element has been fixed. With ditching the concept of a roughly 5 mission based story mode for each and every character (some missions they never even took part of) they instead adopted a story mode for each kingdom which more or less plays out the rise and fall of the rulers of each kingdom. These stories are lengthy, forcing you to switch in and out of characters to see it told from the point of several generals. This is a fantastic way to tell a story without slogging through the exact same battle twenty six times. Voice acting is still over dramatic and silly but personally I've always enjoyed it. The music has adopted a mix of both dramatic and classic metal/rock.
As for gameplay fans of the renbu system cry now. The six button combos have returned, on the field power ups (such as atk and def ups) are back as well such as they were in early DW games. The level up system is more a collective pool of skill points for each kingdom which are refunded after each mission, thus allowing character progression to continue even if you never play as a general again. Weapons have easy to acquire seals (think atk up, weapon range up, etc.) which can be applied to any weapon, anytime, and held by any character. (unless its a certain male/female only weapon) Musou has now been changed to now be more of a special ability rather than swing weapons wildly for ten seconds, a superior change in my opinion.
Conquest mode acts as a sort of DW: Empires filler so i wouldn't expect to see another one of those any time soon all in all in sort of strikes as a greatest hits pack for DW with old and new mixed together for one last, mostly, HD hoorah before something really truly needs to change.

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Getting there but not quite there.

posted by KentaTakashi (TOWACO, NJ) Apr 4, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Dynasty Warrior 7 really takes you back to the core basics of the hack and slash system. And that's all fine it's a good game to blow off steam after a long days work, school,etc... in terms of playability it's definently there but lacking. It honestly could have been made better by the character creation system absent since Dyansty Warriors 5, a newer combat system, and more intelligent AI. Storytelling wise it is stronger than ever. Otherwise this would be the game of the century.... I find it pressing and a little concerning that after the length of this series that koei never considered hiring chinese voice actors to give a different option to those who would like the authenticity of hearing voices like that on the battlefield. Voice acting in DW7 is stunted like the rest and sounds horribly artificial. Other then that the core basics are there. And it is indeed fun to play through all the seperate storylines as you do come to love/hate each lord etc... Not the worst game but perhaps not the best. Rent it from gamefly before you buy it. If you like it like I do keep it. If you don't return it without regret.

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