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This Game Is Not Safe For Anyone!

posted by Captain_Cash (HAZEL CREST, IL) Jan 7, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I almost had a seizure within 15 minutes of playing this game. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone not even my worst enemy. I wish I could give an even lower rating than 1.

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Really Bad

Should be called Strikeforce 2! Not Dynasty 7!!

posted by Dj99 (LINCOLN, NE) Apr 1, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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This game should NOT be called "Dynasty Warriors 7" It should be called "Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2"

The game is NOTHING like traditional DW games, even 6 was more mainstream than this one! DW7 is almost EXACTLY like Strikeforce! The only difference was the extra mode that allows you to play single levels, many of which will require you to use different characters for specific levels.

Honestly, I would have given this game a 0/10 if possible. I HATED Strikeforce. This one isn't any better. But to make matters worse... Once you start using a character it will only take about 10~20 stages to max that character out!

I had this game in my queue, but I removed it because I went out and bought it.... BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!! A complete waste of $60...

If you think this game might be to your liking... RENT IT FIRST! This is one of those titles that you will have to test before you waste a bunch of money on it.

To further my point: You character starts out fairly strong.. the enemies pretty much fall apart just being around you. I started out on Hard because I have played almost every DW thus far.. It was completely effortless! Starting out with a completely noob, all out basic character... and I still walked on Lu Bu my first time! This game is completely noob and nerf. Too dang easy. Period.

I think that Koei and anyone else involved in making this one were trying to get new people that need a DW without any real challenge. Any hardcore DW fans that loved the Character Creation... get ready for another disappointment. They still didn't bring it back. Another HUGE problem to me.

But possible the worst part.. YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER IN STORY MODE! You have to use the character that the story insinuates is the most relevant. Which I find pathetic and annoying.

The last order of business.. If you want to rent this game.. Please move it down in your queue... You will understand when you play it.

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Don't waste your time

posted by CharleyGardner (AMERICAN FORK, UT) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Doesn't hold up to today's standard of games in any category. Voice acting, graphics, controls, story, ect. All lame. I don't know exactly how much goes into game development these days but it seems this title was made in a month and shipped off to the stores.

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