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Good, but Not Worth Buying

posted by JoeyValles (STOCKTON, CA) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

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Let me start out by saying that I have been playing Dynasty Warriors since number 3, so I am a pretty good reviewer of DW games. Now, there is nothing necessarily bad in this game, except for the fact that it just doesn't bring enough to the table to make it really good. Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends is good in that it brings back Challenge Mode, has 2 new characters and brings back Pang De, and has levels that are specific for each character. However, that's pretty much all it brings. I thought it would be more like Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends in which you had special levels for each character, a Legend mode in which you make an officer and go from private to awesome general, and much more to keep you occupied. Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends was a full game that could keep you occupied for a long time. This one however feels more like an expansion pack. It even has the same menu as the original one. I do like the new characters and other things it brings, and the fact you can use the DLCs you bought for Dynasty Warriors 7 with XL. However, it just isn't enough for me to recommend someone buying it. It is a good game but it is definately a rent, not a buy.

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Very Good

classic DW

posted by Lenny732 (BAYVILLE, NJ) Jul 4, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I love DW game always have always will 7 was awesome because you could switch your weapons anytime you wanted and to any thing you wanted. This game just added some new weapons and characters. I wish I had DW 7 when I rented this I would have bought this game in a heartbeat I'm actually still thinking of buying it just cause hack and slash is a great way to kill time and have tons of fun.

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Xtreme Letdown

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Nov 23, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

First off, DW always gets terrible reviews in the US but I've been a life long fan and have literally played each and every game, I like the series a lot.

But I didn't like this one.

Don't get me wrong, if you played 7 to death, got a platinum and everything, this game is a great expansion of that experience. There's a TON of work to be done here. But it's not all that similar to Xtreme Legends of the past. Which is no good to me.
Also, if you didn't play the heck out of 7 and get everything, this game requires EVEN MORE time and effort. And it's not as fun and new as everything is recycled.

I love Dynasty Warriors. I usually buy their games because I play them for so long. For whatever reason I decided to GameFly this one and man am I happy that I didn't pay full price for it.

This game is great for a very small niche group within an already very small niche group. (those of you who mastered 7 and still aren't exhausted.)

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