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Good... But A Step Down

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Dec 2, 2008

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I am a huge fan of these D.W. games. I have played all since the original. This one had some improvements, but lacked some things.

1. New Character Designs
-Half and half
Some were very good, but some were terrible. I liked the new Ling Tong and Lu Meng. The new Yue Ying was lovely, as was the new Xiao Qiao. The new Xiahou Dun was awful! So was the new Cao Pi. These two looked so cool in DW 4 and 5. Now they look like victims of a Black Friday shopper stampede.

2. New Weapons
-So So
Some of the new weapons were great. But many were awful. I liked Ling Tong's nanchukus better. Same to be said for the previous weapons of Xiahou Dun, Zhou Yu, and Cao Pi. Why didnt they just add new people (like maybe Cheng Pu or Gongsun Zan) and give the new weapons to them?

3. Horses
-The Real Improvement
You no longer have to meet certain conditions to get a horse. In fact, there are some horses when you start the game. Its good to have a horse because they run faster than people, even if you dont like horses in real life (I do). Also, you no longer have to remember where your horse is or try to find it. You can just call the horse and it comes to you. Finally, each horse has an ability that helps you. For example, some horses fill your musou gauge as you are riding.

4. Graphics
-Beautiful !!!!
Need I say more? The scenery is lovely. The cutscenes look great. And the people look lifelike!

5. Gameplay
Its a little different from previous but easy to get used to.

-Good, but Not as Good as Before
I really like D.W. 4 and 5 better. But all in all this was a fun one to play.

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GF Rating

Above Average

shamefull and overly changed

posted by mik3661 (THOMASVILLE, GA) Dec 26, 2009

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this game was a definite step up graphic wise. but sometimes changing everything isn't needed. people expect to see their favorite characters. the girls look kinda porno like. some characters look just childish. and some characters you don't even recognize. part of the old characters were defined by their weapons and now their even changed and make the character not even seem similiar. and now they even cut alot of characters musou modes. this game took me 2 days to beat. most of the others would take me a week or two to unlock all ther characters and beat the musou modes. and now some of the regular troops take longer to kill than the general which is just pathetic. graphich wise i give this game an 8. storyline is an 6. and the changes they made a 1

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It Was Great

posted by Demetri (MIAMI, FL) Apr 8, 2009

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The Game Was Great (Not Perfect Though)
It Did Lack Some Of The Graphics Previous Games Had.
I Like The New Combat System, Although It Is A Pain Having To Level Your Character Up To A Certain Level To Get The Highest Move. The Game Has Some New People, And Some New Weapons.All Dynasty Warriors Fans Is Gonna Love This Game.
But Another Bad Thing
Is The Work U Have To Go Through To Get New
Characters To Play As.
For Example 2 Get Lubu
U Would Need To Beat
Musou Mode With 12 Characters.
Some Bosses Are Terribly Hard.
Its Irritating To Keep
On More Thing.
LuBu Used To Be The Hardest Person
On The Game, His Fighting Skills Have Been Toned Down (Although He Has The Coolest Weapon Of Them All).This Game Also Doesnt Have A Versus
Feature.Personally I Think That Is The Stupidest Thing Ever.
A Game Like Dynasty Warriors Has To Have A Versus

Nevertheless, The Pros Overshadow The Cons.
U Should Get This Game Its Alot Of Fun.

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