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Dynasty Warriors 6


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Same old, same old

posted by SgtGodzill (LAFAYETTE, CO) Feb 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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I first started playing DW a while back, playing almost every single game in the series for at least 5 hours each. Even the GBA one. One thing I noticed about the series is that it's afraid of change. And not just gameplay change, but storyline change, character change. There are some characters in this game that were in DW1. One thing that strikes me as odd is that it's afraid of visual change. We have games like Halo, Devil May Cry, Super Mario, they just keep improving their graphics. Dynasty Warriors? Not so much. DW6 looks almost exactly the same as DW5. Expressionless faces, the enemies only have one walking animation, so when they come towards you, you see what looks like a giant blob of clones, moving in unison. Also, the game doesn't add much in terms of combos. Oooh, you can climb stuff. Thats no big deal. What really needs to be added is a deeper combat system. All it seems to be is walking through somehow endless hordes of brainless enemies (that never seem to want to attack you and die in a few hits, except for all the officers, who hit you too hard and take too many hits. Theres really no balance there.) to get to a control point and capture it with no effort at all. The game is really quite brainless and doesn't offer much in terms of challenge. Sure, theres a lot of characters, but there pretty much all the same. And the achievements? Worst achievements since Guitar Hero III. Every single one is secret? Why? And I hear that they're all the same thing: just beat the game with every character. Lame. All in all, be glad you have Gamefly to rent games like this, rather than blowing $60 on them, only to trade them in in a month or so. I'd say it's enjoyable, but repetitive and nothing new,

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Really Bad

old made into new

posted by supream53 (RUSSELLVILLE, AL) Jan 3, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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you guys just cant think of eney thing new can you?!?!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Dynasty Warriors 6

posted by HOMICIDE (SPRING LAKE, NC) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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The game is pretty good if you were a fan of the older Dynasty Warriors. It has some good features like the lvl up on ur horse and the different horses. The only bad thing about the game is that the camera angles kinda suck and it still has no new officers.

Other then that I think this game is a good rent or buy.

I give it a 8

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