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GF Rating


For a Dynasty Warriors game, its great!

posted by EvanSmith (HUDSON, FL) Feb 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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Koei seems to want to keep making this game over and over again, which in my opinion is ok, because killing 1,000's of enemy troops is never a bad thing. Although as the series went on, it never added any thing new to keep it fresh, since all the stories and levels were almost always the same.

Now though, it seems Koei has an actual interest in doing some new thingswith this game, and they all work fairly well.

1) Skill tree- It replaces the old item system, which was annoying to me anyway, since only a few items were actually worthy of being used. You get skill points, which you in turn invest in a skill tree, granting bonuses in all stats, and also gives you abilities. Also, for being Koei's first stab at a system like this, it works very well, and the growth of the tree usually coincides with the way the character is meant to be played.

2) Horses- In the old games, you got the horse, and thats about it. There were only about 5 or 6, and really weren't all that good except the red hare. Now, there is an insanely large amount to choose from, each with their own individual stats and abilities. Also, they are levelable, giving them some reason to use them, although, once you have a level five horse, using anything else is kinda pointless, since horses are only good for getting around.

3) Musou mode- Instead of the story relying mostly on what faction your on, it now more relies on the individual character, as in the extreme expansions. It's a good idea, because it provides more depth to the character, although, since only a handful of the characters are playable in this mode now, it drains the replay value. I also didn't like the choices I had for that mode either. WEI YAN NEED STORY!

I personally enjoyed this addition to the series, as its the best to date. If you enjoy the series, you'll love this game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

More of the same

posted by Groovyitsm (CINCINNATI, OH) Apr 2, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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The only different thing with the addition is the leveling up, you can choose which attributes you want to make better. Everything else is pretty much the same old same old. If you like the other ones you will like this one

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More of the same, still fun

posted by ZackyCakes (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Feb 21, 2008

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These kind of games aren't for everyone. Dynasty Warriors 6 has the best graphics and moves of the series. I found this game to be a lot of fun, but I got bored after a few hours. The game play is repetitive and most characters fight the same way.

If you master a few combos and do the special moves, this game becomes too easy. There are a bunch of unlock-ables, but other than that, no reason to play this game more than once.

I recommend this game to Action fans, some button mashing and lame voice acting (Japanese)so be careful!

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