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Still the same

posted by voorhies (WEST JORDAN, UT) Mar 29, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

My first complaint about the PS3 version of this game is how choppy the game gets in 1 player with tons of guys are 2 players with a few guys on each screen and the fact that guy appear right in front of you. The PS3 is by far the most powerful CUP/GPU systems and definitely should not have been released with obvious problems like these. The am a PS3 fan in most cases but here I think the XBOX version is code much better.

I like the the new skill/weapon systems but that is about all of the major changes. Why can't the company take some development time and actually make the game what it should be rather than the button mashing sameness that it is?

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Poor game worth skipping

posted by BenSweaty (APO, AE) Mar 26, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

If your looking for an intense game then this is not the one for you. I didn't give it much time before I decided to put it back in the mail. Game play was bad and the fighting was not that exciting. I am sure if i had played it longer the combos would get better but I didn't have the heart to stick with it.

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Not bad, but not Good either...

posted by MikotoNoz (LITTLE NECK, NY) Mar 5, 2008

Member since May 2007

Alright, here we have another installment in the long running Dynasty Warriors series: Number 6. What's my final verdict on this game?7. I'll tell you why.

Let's start off with the bad things first. Graphics are nothing to be awed by. It just seems that KOEI needs more experience with the PS3's graphics and here we see that they have a foot in the door but cannot transition in. The character models are a bit better textured but still lack that PS3 shine and motion like you see from Naughty Dog's Drake's Fortune or Oblivion just to name a few. The level design is a bit lacking also as most things feel tacked on, with polygons awkwardly placed in some areas and most levels feel flat. The audio was fitting but it does not stand out. The only song I liked was Lu Bu's theme. It's LU BU! So you have to do it right, right? And lastly, there are only 16 Musou-able characters: 5 Wei, Wu, Shu and Diao Chan. What was up with that? Coupled with this there are a lot less cut-scenes both in game and out.

Now for the good parts. What I liked about DW6 was the new game play mechanics and with a game like this the only way it can have any redeeming value is the game play. Fortunately it does. With this new "Renbu" system what it does is makes the whole square square triangle type combo in one long, and I mean really long combo string and separates the triangle moves to guard breakers. As you hit people more and more a chain builds up and a Renbu bar on the left of your character builds up allowing you to add new steps to your square combo string. It might sound repetitive but the AI has been improved slightly so that it won't just stand back and let you slap him silly. They will try to run behind you, block, and even roll. Also new grapple features have been added by holding down R1 which is to block, your character when you press square will do a quick but blockable kungfu grapple move. If triangle is pressed a stronger unblockable grapple is performed. So it's a bit more varied

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