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Making the right changes

posted by Kleintime7 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Feb 21, 2008

Member since Mar 2004

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I have been playing the Dynasty Warriors series for many years now. Dynasty Warriors 2 was the first game I bought for my PS2 many years ago, and I have played every game in between. So, it is with great excitement that I can tell you that this game is a must play for any gamer. While the basics of the game remains the same, the characters, weapons, levels, stages and items have all changed.

Now, your character has the ability to do unlimited combo moves, which is a neat change from the max of 5 combo hits that you could turn in to a juggle move. Also, as you gain experience and levels, you now gain points towards a growth web of abilities. This is how you shape your characters growth in fighting abilities and special attacks.

The stages are huge and with a new updated FPS rate, the action is non-stop. There are a few times the game will slow down, like when there are tons of fighters, a couple of commanders and your character all doing charged moves and magic... that will slow it down pretty well.

I may have overlooked it, but it appears that there is no create mode, so that is a bit of a negative hit in my opinion. But where one loss happens a gain is made elsewhere. The amount of freedom you have on the battlefield will make the game a whole new experience for old Dynasty fans.

Overall I would highly recommend this game to everyone with a next gen system. Very beautiful graphics and soundtrack with an addictive game play will have you stuck in front of the TV for hours.

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Solid Game - But not quite there yet.

posted by Rootgamer (BEND, OR) Aug 31, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I would give this game a 7.5.

What I Like:

I believe that the improvements over previous installments are good

Abandoning the square,square,square, triangle combo structure and switching to the new 'renbu' system is a welcome change. It allows for infinite combos and has a better flow, since you can throw in a charge attack anytime. The short press/long press attacks and block/grapple moves add variety to you combo. The new dodge button is cool too, though I didn't use it much.

Swimming is very helpful for getting around the level faster, and the ladder climbing is also useful. On many levels you have to break down gates using siege weapons, but as soon as a ladder is step up, you can get over the wall immediately. There are also times when climbing provides shortcuts.

Also, the left analog stick now controls the camera, so no more tapping block to see where your going.

What I Dis-like:

The Pop-up is the biggest problem in the game. It's so bad it nearly breaks the game. It makes tracking enemies very difficult. Many times, an officer you are trying to defeat will disappear and then reappear to attack you. Entire crowds of enemies will show up on the map but not in the game until you ride past them.

Horses/weapon drops are now entirely random, so getting red hare is now by chance instead of by method. '4th weapons' no longer exist, so its just whatever you can get to drop (although level and game difficulty are still factors in the quality of drops).

To Sum It Up:

The gameplay is still awesome, single-handedly taking down an entire army is gratifying. Nice changes and different levels/musou stories provide a new and fresh experience from the previous games. Yet I feel that this game has so much more potential. Technical issues hinder this game and keep it from being triple-A. An even better and expansive combo system would be great, and more straying from the 'work your way to the enemy commander and kill him' pattern would be nice

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Same Hack Same Slash

posted by realtalk45 (NORTHRIDGE, CA) Mar 19, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I am a fan of Hack n Slash games, and DW6 is no exception. I only played the Mousou Mode once through with Guan Yu, but it was very fun, light and enjoyable. The game has very high replay value, as there are numerous unlockables such as characters and maps that can be attained through playing different character story modes. As always, avoid fighting Lu Bu until your character is AT LEAST level 20+...

If you like the hack n slash genre, i definately suggest you pick this title.

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