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Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires


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More wild card based empires

posted by MMMAAADDD (OLIVEHURST, CA) Jul 1, 2009

Member since Apr 2005

27 out of 33 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

When i first got this game i was surpised that most of the freedom like in the other empires is gone, like using your money on troops, gold, and officers. Everything now is by turns, which is slow but in that time you can level up your weapons and buy other things.

Now you can either be a Officer or a Ruler, which ever you pick will be what you can do at the very beginning of the mode.
The gameplay is sometimes too repetitive, so take a break when you get tired.

I like the fact this game is somewhat deep for a hack n' slash.
There are also edit characters you can make.

This game is pretty fun, card game with some hack n' slash and land for the taking. If you didn't like the other Dynasty Warrior games then you'll sure probably get bored of this game as well.
I sure did injoyed playing it.

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Same ol' DW games....

posted by Sadistikal (BYESVILLE, OH) Jul 11, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

11 out of 14 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

As a long standing fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the Dynasty Warriors series, I have always been a little disappointed in these titles, but still had to pick it up which is why I rented.

Pretty much your run of the mill hack-fest you get in DW games with a few little target objectives thrown in that might make you approach the battle a little differently, nothing that requires much thought.

Still so far from what they could do. If only they would mix in the true complexity and depth of the RTK series and let you battle it out DW style and still have to issue more orders and strategies on field, this game would rock.

Characters creation is pretty cool, would like to see some non already established character actions for how you fight and what not. Appearance wise, it is great on the customizing with some pretty cool unlockable gear.

All in all if you like the DW series and it gives you what you want, you will get that from this title and maybe a little more.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

posted by Noobiuspri (WEST FARGO, ND) Jul 10, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

If you enjoy Dynasty Warriors games this game would be fun for you. Me, I am a DW fan since 4, so I enjoy the game. Its got some good character creation, but its no Fallout 3. The game just like previous ones will lag if too much is going on in one screen (this happens often while playing co-op). The enemies will spawn and randomly disappear and reappear to attack you from behind. If you can tolerate that, then this is a good fun simple game. But don't get me wrong when I say simple, one must think before they attack as a ruler, and must tactically capture bases to link your main camp with the enemy's main camp. Oh and another let down for me since the last DW game I played was 5 is, you can level your characters up but when you start a new campaign all that work is gone. So all in all I'd give it a 7. If this were a letter grade. I'd say a low B or high C.

HIGHS: Good game to play with a friend, decent character customization, and easy to pick up on gameplay

LOWS: Lag when too many characters are on screen, character customization COULD be better, and enemies randomly disappear and use that against you.

If you would like to add me as a PSN friend my ID is Noobiusprime

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