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One of the best

posted by Knightruse (ROME, GA) Aug 5, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

DWE4. For fans of the DW series this game is the best of the empires to date.

Empires titles differ from the typical Dynasty Warriors hack and slash in that it mixes some strategy in the game. For those of you with ADD and dont have the attention span to play the romance of the three kingdoms for many many many hours then Empires is for you.
Empires is a blend of full out 1000 to 1 slashing Dynasty Warriors style and very lite elements from RTK strategy play.
Three flavors of play are available merc, officer and ruler each with varying game play abilities.
Again the DW games are not for everyone but are good fun if you are a fan.

Classic hack and slash, custom characters, co-op( can be done but it will take some doing as your buddy can only play officers you are friends with in the game. Until you have officer "friends" co-op

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GF Rating


Worst DW yet

posted by RobertO (Saint Petersburg, FL) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

The Good:
- Ling Tong, Taishi Ci, Ma Chao, and Zhang He aren't just a bunch of cloned movesets and had there weapons changed to a 3 sectioned staff, Two short poles/staves, a massive sword and claws. Meng Huo was also added but they gave him a pillar as opposed to his old claws/ Knuckle dusters.

-They removed the worthless guarding-attack specials on Triangle and Square from 6 and replaced it so holding a shoulder button will allow a special off each of the 4 main buttons. These specials are more akin to Item effects with a recharge.

The Bad and the Ugly:
-Graphics are worse than regular DW 6 which makes no sense.

-Renbu System. This actually makes DW the POS button masher that non-DW players have always thought it was, You mash square or mash triangle, those are your only options.

-Because it has the crapptastic renbu system dealing with enemies on high difficulties involves getting lucky instead of playing smart.

-Although I didn't bother trying the higher end of Chaos difficulty if its anything like regular 6 go grab yourself a nintendo and beat Rygar, TMNT, or Super Mario bros without Warp because it will probably take less time, less aggravation and still be more rewarding than this POS.

In summation if you want to kill thousands upon thousands of Chinese people, get Warriors Orochi 2 or better yet Import Warriors Orochi Z get the Japanese voice acting that doesn't suck.

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