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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Zuo Ci Fire and ice

Zuo Ci can shoot both fire and ice orbs with his charge attack. Press Y once to shoot fire and twice to shoot ice. You can use this to freeze, then melt the opponent for a large amount of damage.

Recognizing signature weapons

In order to recognize a character's signature weapon, pay attention to the blue symbol appears next to the unlocked weapon.

Unique combos

Each character has his or her own unique combos. However, they use the same buttons to perform their unique combos or moves. For example, Xu Huang's combos are as follows. Press X until he performs his first attack, then immediately press Y. Press X until his second attack, then press Y. Repeat the same process for his third, fourth, then fifth attack. Do not forget to press Y after every attack to successfully complete the combo.

Killing archers

Archers stand in a line so when your mosou is fully charged, line up with them and use your mosou arrow attack too kill all of them in one shot.