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GF Rating

Very Good

A good game with lots of replay value

posted by thecritic (WEST CHESTER, PA) May 24, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Dynasty Warriors 5 is an action adventure game that plays very similarly to most hack-and-slash games. It's not just pounding on the square button though. To succeed, you have to take bases, which were newly added to the series, and defeat the opposing officers. These small elements add strategy to the game that I find very appealing. You might find yourself plotting out the route you're going to take, or which bases you'll conquer first, before the battle even begins.

Another great element to the game is the replay value. There are a lot of battles to fight, many characters to play as and unlock, and even powerful items to find.

The reason I gave this game an eight, instead of a nine or ten, is because it has barely changed from its predecessors. I have already played Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4, and enjoyed the fifth installment, but the gameplay has gotten kind of stale. If you haven't played any of the Dynasty Warriors series yet, then I'm sure you'll like it, and it won't feel a little...old.

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GF Rating

Very Good

really good! the best in the series

posted by dulun18 (MESA, AZ) Apr 16, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

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This game is way better than its previous version, regarding about graphic clarity (fog problem), and "slow movements" problems in the previous games. In order to enjoy this game fully i recommend a guide, used it to acquire a horse and items quickly so you can play hard mode or chaos mode, which are very challenging.

there are a lot of improvements in this version, along with new characters, still there's something amiss here. The unique moves of each characters are no longer unique or as devastate as before. In DW4 when you release a shock wave as a final attack you will see your enemies being blown away, but in this game that shock wave did nothing but tilt them back a little, which they can easily regain balance and attack you ( a big problem in Chaos mode). Also, some unique attacks of characters like Cao Pi, or Zhao Yun are pretty blame, Zheo Yun used to have a unique and powerful move in DW4 which can clear a lot of enemies quickly. But in this game, all he does is jump up and slash diagonally with this spear, the same with Cao Pi and his double swords.

beside all that, This game is a must have for those who like to fight using weapons other than a gun, and like fighting against multiples enemies.

at first, this game will suck but until you have all the items and weapons this game can keep you entertained for hours, Tired of one characters? YOu have 46 (not sure) characters to choose from. Also, i recommend a guide to help find a horse (most needed) and items and weapons. Guides are available for free from anywhere from the web, most of them are fellow gamers

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GF Rating


The perfect game review

posted by cmaster (CLOVIS, CA) Oct 10, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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This is a game were you show your anger and skills the characters have great talents and looks and all the worriers arent just boys you should see some of the girls fhigt in this game there amazing and it even brings a little history out about the characters and china. You can really feel the excipment in it and i can asure you will want to play again. The best thing in this game is the battle fields there is barly any small ones and the bases and weopons like catapolts on giant walls are awsome to destroy or camand. But dont take my word for it rent it and find out how perfect this game is.

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