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Very Good

strat lovers

posted by zphillip (RENO, NV) Apr 17, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

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ok, if you love strategie games then you will probably like this one. the battles are long and the fight moves are longer than they need to be but the story and the detail are up to par with any other game of this type. if you like romancing the three kingdoms series then this takes you deeper onto the field of battle and you can build up your favorite characters as you like. the combo moves and chain moves make it almost like a chess game. playing two player games against my teenage daughter is a bit more exciting than regular chess. put chess and the history of the three kingdoms together and you come up with this game. I usually play my game fly games for a week and send them back. I played this one longer than i played ff12 and that was a very good game. this is one i will ad to my buy list soon.! its no first person action game by any stretch. if ff12 is a 10+ then this one is an 8. did i mention ive loved the three kingdom series since the first one way back when controlers were made out of two rocks and a stick lol.

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GF Rating


Tough luck for diehard fans

posted by Raigeki (VANCOUVER, WA) Jan 7, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has always been a fan favorite, theres no denying that. I myself got the game, intrigued at the possibility of a strategy version of the game. But I was sorely disappointed. The game's storyline is, of course, based on the true history of japan, and has several different outcomes based on your actions. This seemed interesting, an while it was slightly confusing, I soon grasped the basic concept. But actual gameplay, not making decisions on the map, turned into a nightmare. Units have these special tactics that they can use, supermoves that can only be activated under certain conditions to eliminate enemy health and possibly move them, all with no damage to themselves. However, each one can only be used once, unless you kill a unit. You can chain these tactics if another unit is close to the victim, causing a situation that all but destroys the unit. However, this is as far as the strategy goes. The game takes on a sort of "move this guy here so he can use this thing at this time."

While I had not seen this approach in games, it quickly grew stale. Every battle I fought was the same. The game tries to liven it up with cut scenes for the tactics, but altogether the novelty was short lived. In short, readers, this is a game I would keep off of the queue unless you feel you want a change. Keep it for a day, then send it back.

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