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What happens when remakes go bad

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Apr 5, 2007

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I write this as a person who played all of the original D&D computer games when they first came out, this had the feel of the older ones without any of the punch involved.

While it was a nice thought to try and convert battle to mini's, I can't say that it translates out at all on the small screen and resolution of the GBA. The battle is clunky and movement can be tricky in this game to say the least.

Attacking is handled just like 3.5 but when I got my butt handed to me by a few goblins, I knew that there was something a bit off in all of this.

Rent this at your own risk! You won't even enjoy this game even if you play D&D (as I am a D&D geek myself), there is very little rewarding about this game.

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Save yourselves

posted by Entropy20 (SANTA MONICA, CA) Jun 1, 2007

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This game was so terrible I created a profile for the sole purpose of bashing it. It so offended my gaming sensibilities that Atari could not have done any better if they had defecated directly within my skull.

The graphics are bad even for the time. Wizardry 6 has better graphics and it is nearly as old as I am, not to even mention the vast stellar scale gap between actual game play. The fact that there is nothing even close to a tool tip or tutorial within the game makes a lack of manual detrimental to anyone trying to play the game and would make the game almost completely alien to anyone who hasn't even played D&D. Even then I question how far that knowledge actually takes you. The interface is cumbersome outside of combat, and down right comatose in their "tactical" isometric combat system. Just trying to move is a chore, and even well rolled characters can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn half the time.

I couldn't tell you whether the plot was any good, I only played through the first battle and puzzle before I decided that if I wanted to sit around and hurt myself, a hammer would have been a much more effective implement. Since it is supposed to be based on a classic D&D module I would say that the plot might even be good, but you would be better off just buying the old paperback. If you want the effect of getting the plot through the medium of a video game like this one, just apply a liberal coating of sand to the pages and rub them across your eyes.

To the developers, I pray for your sake that no gaming deities exist, because you have most assuredly offended them. The down payment on what will be an agonizing afterlife has been paid-in-full. I can only hope it is more tormenting than the time you spent actually slapping together this mass of digital offal like some drooling paper trained troglodyte.

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Mixed up labels!

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Jun 15, 2009

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One time I rented Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral town. When I got it I was soooo exited! ...Turns out it was this game! You made a mistake GameFly! I think the labels got mixed up. I was so disapointed that I didn't even play it! This was the first time it ever happend to me.

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