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Very Good

Highly enjoyable

posted by herostyle (MISSOULA, MT) Apr 10, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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First off I'd like to say that I enjoy Diablo-style games. I was a big fan of Dungeon Siege 2 on the PC and was quite pleased that Throne of Agony follows along the same route.

In the beginning you are able to pick your character archetype. Each archetype can progress down one of two paths at level 30, and each of those paths can go down two others at level 60. For example, say you pick the Shadow Stalker. At level 30 you can become either a Ranger (specializing in ranged combat) or a Blademaster (specializing in melee). At level 60 if you are a Ranger you can become a Sniper or a Huntress. If you go Blademaster at level 30 you can become either a Ninja or a Blood Assassin at level 60. Each of the 3 archetypes has this same structure, which means you can play the game 12 times and have a different character each time.

You are also able to pick your companion before starting play. Each character has a choice between two henchmen, the Shadow Stalker being able to chose between an archer and a war hawk for example. This adds even more to the replay value as each companion excels in different situations.

Now to address some of the negative reviews. One reviewer gave the game a 1 because of performance issues (freezing and losing progress). I have had no issues of freezing during the entire time I've been playing this game (which is over 10 hours at this point). This could be due to the different models of PSPs. I am using the slim version.

Another says that this game brings nothing new to the table as far as story and setting. I would disagree, unless all fantasy games bring nothing new to the table. The story is good, if traditional, and each character has their own background and reasons for participating in the story.

All in all the game is a solid, enjoyable RPG if you like Diablo-esque mechanics. If you're not a big fan of games like that then you might want to look in another direction. I will be buying this one and highly recommend a rental.

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A step up

posted by portality (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 1, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

24 out of 27 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

First off I prefer PC game over console, (except RPGS) Secondly I love any rpg's that you can take on the bus with you and play for an extended amount of time.

Before I start my shpeil on what I think of Dungeon Siege Let me Just state that as of late there have been a lot of good psp RPG's coming out, have you noticed that?

Okay here I go. Dungeon Siege is a beautiful game set in a "seen it before" fantasy setting, with fun Dungeon Crawler game play and a pretty deep diablo-esque skill tree, in-fact this is the closest to diablo your gonna get on the PSP, and the is NOT a bad thing at all.

Length wise this game is pretty decent, I have been playing on and off line for about 20 hours and I'm not even close to finishing(granted I do suck)

If you can convince a friend to rent or buy this game with you you will not be disappointed, multiplayer is better than single player, that is usually true with most games in general, but with this one especially, I don't know why but it was just fun!

If you don't have a friend with a psp to share your gaming joy with, keep this a rental but if you do , do not hesitate to click on the keep it button and cherish this game for months and months to come.

Final verdict 8 if you can't play with someone
9 is you can

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Decient RPG

posted by JoshyT (NATCHITOCHES, LA) Mar 20, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Well, if you like the diablo style games, this game doesn't fall far from the tree, as it has smooth play, plenty of things to kill and loot to gather up, as well as skills and abilities. Though as you progress, the game does get rather dry, but all in all, a good game for the RPG'er

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