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GF Rating

Very Good

A few flaws

posted by Naraxis (MEDFORD, WI) Jul 3, 2011

Member since Sep 2007

This game is honestly not what i expected. I expected a much longer storyline. I played through the first time as Lucas and in my opinion he is the most powerful character in the game. Just as i felt that i was getting to know the characters and how to play lucas and what his pros and cons were and what he could do and what he couldn't the game suddenly ended. took me 8 hrs 30 mins to complete the storyline and i only missed i believe 2 side quests. I also ended up at lvl 29 so i'd give this game about 9 hours of game play at best to get everything and do everything on a single character. I also didn't like that there were only 6 offensive abilities and you could only use 3 of them in a certain stance. This annoyance surprisingly turned into a plus for me, its quite fun to learn how to effectively "stance dance" and know which stance to use for which situation and to switch stances on the fly while using specific abilities. for example as Lucas one of my favorite combos was to begin in broadsword stance use wind shear switch to shield stance use charge and then shield bash then switch back to broadsword stance and use the earthquake thing empowered. absolutely wrecked groups of enemies in about 5 seconds. So all in all its a nice game worth a rent maybe not a buy unless you want to play through it multiple times. FOR THE LEGION!!!!!!

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GF Rating


A few tweaks and it'd be excellent.

posted by FotoMoto (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 2, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

It has a tremendous amount of potential. The character abilities and specialties are well rounded and thought out. The story is solid and graphics are decent.

Here is where a little polishing and tweaks would make this game awesome:

1. Facial expressions - the characters have no facial expressions. This would add too the emotion of the game in a big way.

2. Camera - Third person view is fine. But the ability to be able to look around in your environment, including in an upwards direction would make the world feel much more real.

3. No on shared screen - Gone are the days where the only multi-player experience you had was on a single console. Playing online with a shared screen is flat out annoying.

4. Speed travel - The causeways aren't really an ideal way to speed travel. Although there really isn't a need in this game to go back to previous towns after you've progressed, there was a quest I missed and wanted to go back to. It was a lot of walking and took a long time to backtrack. This leads to number 5.

5. Faster movement - Traversing the land on this game can be a chore. Quicker movement and perhaps a sprint option would be ideal. Dodging is actualy faster than your character jogs, so it's quite humorous yet redicilous looking when you have you and your friend dodging across the maps to get somewhere.

6. Equipment variety - There is actually quite a bit of armor and weapon variey in this game... the problem is, even though there's variety the armor still looks the same. There's only techinically about 3 or 4 different looks in armor.

7. Gender class - You have four charactes to choose from, two females and two males. The option to choose any of the 4 classes with any gender would be cool.

That's about it. With those 7 tweaks this game would be awesome. It's definetly a fun game to play. Try it out. Once you get past the awkardness of the camera you'll enjoy it. The other stuff would just make it sweeter.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not even close to DS 2

posted by Karinka88 (MONTROSE, CO) Jun 25, 2011

Member since May 2010

it scratched my itch for a dungeon crawler....barely first thing you will notice is how slow the combat is and if your a melee pretty stale to it dosnt FEEL like the weapons impact your enemies they just swing away i had to play as katarina for that very reason ability/talent tree is as basic as can be its not enough for the hardcore to be interested in least for me it wasnt co-op shares a camera other then that its fairly solid lets face it people this is just to wet our appetites for Diablo 3 and it did just that for me although if you havnt played torch light id recommend that before this

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