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GF Rating

Above Average

Surprisingly challenging at times

posted by Disconude (SYRACUSE, NY) Jul 7, 2011

Member since Nov 2006

At the start of this game, I was disappointed that I had picked up another Obsidian/Square Enix letdown. The linear map seemed to play like a dated diablo-esque style. However, after leaving the tutorial and playing through my first chapter, I have to admit this game has more going for it.

First thing I noticed was the challenge of boss battles. By no means are these impossible, one character even gets a spell that does automatic critical hits! But I enjoyed that it was slightly more than a simple hack and slash. The use of your abilities, and slight tweaking you do to enhance them, is essential to successful bouts. These challenging battles made the gameplay as a whole more fun.

The story, while not remarkable, left me interested enough to continue. And they utilized my favorite element in RPGs, a branching storyline. While there may not be a multitude or widely diverse endings, I felt that my decisions did make some changes to how the story progressed and how the world reacted to my character.

The best part about this game was how easy my wife got into it. She is a casual arcade/rpg player and favors Gauntlet Legends and Sacred. Dungeon Siege's gameplay definitely challenged her skills, but since we could Coop together, I was able to assist her so that we both had an enjoyable experience. I have to give a lot of credit to games that we can enjoy together.

Overall, my complaints with the game is that it's less immersive than some of the great RPGs. The loot doesn't change your characters appearance or stats too noticeably, and the while there is some variability in character customization so far as skills and plot elements, it's still rather linear than diverse. This game is more Action and less RPG. I guess I'd prefer the opposite.

If you're looking for a simple dungeon crawler with a slightly more challenging gameply, this is a game for you. At least worth a playthrough :)

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GF Rating



posted by jarrigo (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

I had being waiting for this title for some time and I must say I am very disappointed in the game on nearly every level. Graphics are on par with games in the late 90’s. Character modeling is basic and reused throughout. The voice acting and scripting is lackluster. The camera angles are enough to drive some one batty–One is forced to view thirty or so feet in front of the main character and cannot look up any farther or a behind the shoulder third person view which is useless in a fight. I just wanted to lift my head up and look around. I don’t mind a good dungeon crawl but I felt the maps to be a bit tight. Honestly, I’m surprised that this thing made it to market. I had more fun playing torchlight in XBOX arcade. At least Torchlight was not trying to be something it was not.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A few flaws

posted by Naraxis (MEDFORD, WI) Jul 3, 2011

Member since Sep 2007

This game is honestly not what i expected. I expected a much longer storyline. I played through the first time as Lucas and in my opinion he is the most powerful character in the game. Just as i felt that i was getting to know the characters and how to play lucas and what his pros and cons were and what he could do and what he couldn't the game suddenly ended. took me 8 hrs 30 mins to complete the storyline and i only missed i believe 2 side quests. I also ended up at lvl 29 so i'd give this game about 9 hours of game play at best to get everything and do everything on a single character. I also didn't like that there were only 6 offensive abilities and you could only use 3 of them in a certain stance. This annoyance surprisingly turned into a plus for me, its quite fun to learn how to effectively "stance dance" and know which stance to use for which situation and to switch stances on the fly while using specific abilities. for example as Lucas one of my favorite combos was to begin in broadsword stance use wind shear switch to shield stance use charge and then shield bash then switch back to broadsword stance and use the earthquake thing empowered. absolutely wrecked groups of enemies in about 5 seconds. So all in all its a nice game worth a rent maybe not a buy unless you want to play through it multiple times. FOR THE LEGION!!!!!!

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