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Really Bad


posted by Prophets (FORT CAMPBELL, KY) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Graphics were horrible, story line seemed good but, I couldn't play it long enough to really tell because the mechanics of the game annoyed me to much to continue playing.

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Single-System Co-Opers BEWARE!

posted by Fellwarre (CARSON CITY, NV) Oct 3, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

My wife and I have always been a fan of multiplayer, top-down 'hack and slash' games, from old school Baldur's Gate, to Champions of Norrath, and so forth. We were VERY excited about Dungeon Siege III.

To begin with, the game seems as if it was not REALLY intended to be multiplayer. The story is such that, even though you're meant to have an NPC 'Companion,' it's pretty obvious the secondary character is very, very secondary. They hardly have any acknowledgement in the game at all.

This is also true in showing that you have a shared 'gold' bank. This is great because it eliminates some of the marital stresses involved in the many, 'WOULD YOU STOP GRABBING ALL THE LOOT' arguments ;) However, I can't say with 100% accuracy that it's all involved in 'luck,' but it seems that when you get the big, fat quest rewards, they're all tailored to the first player. In the game, 'Gold' items are the best. By the time we just quit playing in frustration, I had 6 gold items, my wife had two, and those two she bought at merchants. This did not promote marital bliss in our household.

Then, there's the actual gameplay. During single-player mode, you have some control over the 'zoom' of the camera. In multi-player mode, you have no control over the zoom. This isn't usually an issue, but during many points of the game, the action on the screen is SO busy that it's easy to literally lose where your character is at. Additionally, if your characters are 'too far apart,' the game will teleport player 2 to player 1, which doesn't help the 'losing track of where your character is.'

And bugs. So many bugs. We would save the game with my wife (2ndary character) at full health, and load at half health. The screen would 'spin' automatically until we manually corrected it. All in all, the game lacks the type of polish you'd expect with a major-brand release, when there are $10 and $20 downloadable games with better quality control and better gameplay.

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GF Rating


Nice change of pace.

posted by RAMBOSOTE (TAMPA, FL) Jun 22, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Feb 2010

17 out of 28 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

This is a solid hack n slash/rpg type game with some nice items and story line too.
Very nice graphics smooth gameplay it doesn't even slow down when you have 10 plus creatures on the screen wich is nice and it has some replay value since there are 4 different characters to choose from.

Online mode is Blahhh just cause i hate waiting on people to follow me i rather just go and do stuff and if you want to join me feel free but when your standing around impeeding me from progressing your gonna get kicked.

The abilities for the mage wich is what im playing now is very nice he gets some real good spells.

Definetly a rental maybe a buy if you enjoy it.

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