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Really Bad

Wait for it...

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 5, 2011

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Commercials always make things look better then they actually are. Yes, i'm talking about videogames, not McDonalds or whatever fast food joint you frequent. When i saw the commercial for Dungeon Siege i saw a cool, new, re-awakened genre of dungeon-crawling. Im not a big fan of dungeon crawlers, as i prefer more open-world RPG games like Oblivion and fallout 3. But i thought i'd give DS3 a chance.

Sound/Visual: Sound? Not bad. I didn't realize any faults in it big enough to put in this review. Visuals? Thats another story. When i started playing the game, my first thought was, "This is a Playstation THREE game?" as the graphics looked very PS2-era to me. This may not bug people as it did to me, but i like pretty games.

Storyline/Gameplay: The Storyline wasn't anything too amazing, just the usual RPG elements- some ultimate baddie raising an army to take over the world, some really na'ive heroes, and enemies that feel very recyclyed. Character wise, there are about four different types: an agile scout-type person (who looks very like Megan Fox. Hmm...) the bulky tank-like warrior, a mage specializing in offensive magic (blowin' stuff up) and then a defensive-favoring mage (preferring to cast shields and distractions).

Replay Value: None whatsoever. Because the levels have no variety or different paths, there's no reason to replay levels in my opinion. As much as it strives to be a "classic dungeon-crawler RPG" it feels more like a "Iron Man-esque dungeon crawler with a few different character types". You may like it, however i didn't. DEFINITLY DONT BUY... unless you like it that much.


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Dungeon Siege 3 Review

posted by DeadFlare (HAMILTON, OH) Jul 4, 2011

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I've seen some nasty reviews about this game especially from critics. If you are a fan of Champions of Norrath then you will have no problem playing this. Although i think this game lacks graphically in character models while fighting the worlds and game play make up for it. Please at least try this game.

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Great Single Player, Excellent Co-op Hardcore Mode

posted by CodyMacX (SPRINGTOWN, TX) Jul 2, 2011

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First off, the game is fun. Although it is to easy on normal so i recommend putting it on hardcore from the start, especially if your playing coop. The game flows smoothly from dialogue and plot sequences to dropping you into the action. Side quests are not to far off from the main story quest which is a relief but also makes the game slightly more linear. The graphics are great, especially the spell animations.
The major thing that hampers this game is the camera. Majority of the time it is fine, it's just sometimes you will want to enjoy the environment by rotating the camera down and around. Well, you cant, you can only rotate it around your character, not Horizontal or Veritical. For example, you hear a beast ahead of you but you cant lower your camera angle to look ahead of you to see him.
I would not let this take away from renting the game. I played through it once on Single player on normal mode and loved it. Then i played couch co-op on Hardcore Mode with my bro and it was most fun we have had in ages. The story is little to be desired and you probably wont have any interest in the lore, but the co-op combat on hardcore is worth the price of admission.

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