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I demand more from obsidian and Enix

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) Jun 27, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

Ok, from the people that make FF. And the ones that made Neverwinter Nights, I expected more. Way more. You know what, you all should to. Obsidian set a standard on game play. Square Enix captured my imagination from FF to Illusion of Gaia. This is NOT a comparison. These are standards that two industry giants have set the bar for others to emulate or seize for themselves. Dungeon Siege Three did not do that for me.
Don't get me wrong, there are some good things here just not enough. It seems like a cookie cutter of Diablo just updated graphics and an original story. Thats ok as long as it works. I was looking for more of a sandbox style of game with not such a linear path to progress.
I enjoyed the story. Original, not stellar, but memorable. Characters are solid each with their own background and their own fighting style, scratch that, they add their own personality.
Graphics are good and at times beautiful. From character models, to backgrounds, to the environments. Effort is there in abundance.
Sound Fx are ok. Voice acting decent. Nothing stand out but it gets the job done.
Game play. I'm on the fence here. The title is fun and as your character gets stronger and more powerful you do get more out of the game play. However, when it gets to the latter of the title. It does get redundant and boring. Thats where you need to get to the online co op. It feels better and more refreshing when your doing your thing and others are as well at the same time. Whether when your completing random quests or the more rewarding aspect, when your taking down bosses. It does serve the title better when you play with friends.
Overall, yes its an ok title. Yes, there is decent entertainment here. However, this is my review and I say this should have been better. If EA and Obsidian can do Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Square Enix who have made their empire in this genre and Obsidian, should be able to do better. Way better. Thanks for your time.

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posted by Ashliea (BOSSIER CITY, LA) Jan 25, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Pros: Liked the concept of the game and character build ups.
Cons: Too far away viewing on the screen and some of the voices are sounding like a computer voice simulator.

All in all if you haven't played many games it might interest you but after playing games like skyrim, dragon age, etc. I guess i want more out of a game. Good luck!

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Good Idea But Lacking

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Dec 11, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

This game immediately pulled me and I hold a high place in my heart for RPG's so I was excited for this game. My feelings for this game after less than 5 hours of playing were dull and boring. This game has very few pros and many cons.

Pros: This game has remarkable graphics in both landscape and character design with a few frame rate drops and awkward movements. This game is completely open world with maybe one or 2 loading screens making it easy to go back and forth across the map. Your decisions in both main quests and side quests actually matter making you feel important.

Cons: 90% of the game is combat which is fine but with a 10 hour campaign it becomes very repetitive since you will be mashing buttons over and over again. Decisions never felt difficult to make, you are almost never left with a decision that could potentially change everything or affect your feelings. I felt no reason to play as a different character since the story is exactly the same except the opening movie. Teammate AI does not respond quick enough when you are down, constantly I watched my teammate stand near my dead body fighting enemies that were not even blocking my body. The leveling up system is terrible and pointless since the enemies level up with you. The ending was too abrupt and did not make any sense and was clearly left for a Dungeon Siege 4.

I would not recommend this game to anyone, unless you like boring RPG's with repetitive combat making it feel more like an action adventure game. I still have a fairly long list of cons but most of which just make me mad not really a lot of other people.

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