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GF Rating

Very Good

It's good for what it is

posted by ztakeo (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Sep 14, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

First off, it is important to know what this game is before going into it. It is a dungeon crawler/hack and slash plain and simple. If you are expecting a deep and emersive RPG experience look elsewhere. If you are looking for a game to have some mindless hack and slash fun either by yourself or with a friend, then you could do far worse. You have a selection of 4 characters who you will go around various locations with and kill a bunch of soldiers and monsters, all the while picking up tons a loot, much like the PS2 Baldur's Gate.

-Exelent combat system (for a game of this nature). Unlike other games of this nature, this one at least encourages you to play smart, use your abilities, and actually dodge and block.
-None of the main characters play the same.
-Good pacing. Once you finish making your way through the first town of Raven's Rill, the game kept me glued to the controller for long stretches of time. I only felt like I was grinding a few times in this game which is saying a lot for a dungeon crawler.
-Graphics and sounds are gorgeous.

-Loot management is not that well done. Being able to organize items by what stats they increase would have been usefull, and too much of the loot you pick up is just junk to be sold off.
-Characters seem a bit stale. Half of your main characters seem like they have no personality at all.
-Online multiplayer doesn't allow you to keep your characters. You must play the characters as the host has them set up and equipped. Bad, unless you are playing through the game with the same people.

-Voice acting is mediocre at best. However I will say that at no point was it grating.
-Story didn't exactly have me at the edge of my seat, but it wasn't a terrible story either. I at least appreciated that my choices in conversation had consequences in the epilogue.
-Skill trees didn't give the the feeling of a lot of choice.

All in all I'd say it's worth a rental if you like this sort of game. Otherwise just skip it.

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GF Rating


ok... but just ok...

posted by Gotti9410 (BUFFALO, NY) Aug 24, 2011

Member since Oct 2004

Many people were hating on this game, so I wanted to give it a shot. At first, it reminds me of greats like Oblivion, Diablo, Champions of Norrath, etc.. but then after a few hours of play, I realized that it wasn't going to offer anything new to those tired old games. While it was fun to play through, and Short, I can't see how you'd want to play it again. Different characters don't add much, there is LOTS of loot to be had, which kept me adventuring, but all in all, a decent rental.

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GF Rating

Above Average

The Diablo/Dragon Age DSB

posted by Poloca (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 14, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

DS3 trys so hard to be an epic multi-facited dungeon crawler but unfortunately comes short of its goals by manageing to feel both rushed and boring.

While doing a good job of executing the basics of this game type visually, it really struggles to add anything new in depth of story interaction or game play. Your kingdom/world is on the brink of falling apart and you are specially gifted/tasked to save it, while along the way optionally helping everyone out in finding their lost loved-one/artifact from fill the blank monster/mob. Oh and you can select from the standard mage/melee/distance/hybrid which have slightly different leveling powers? You don't say? If you are going to retread the same old midieval time frame with Tolkein monsters, your not going to add anything to the conversation and you will get skipped over; like this game should be.

My rant could be copy and pasted to other games out there (torchlight among others come to mind) but for this to come from not only the makers of Final Fantasy, but now Dragon Warrior to, you should be disappointed in yourselves fellas. I know this isnt exactly your gamestyle-forte, but I know you can do better. You gave the world a white cat standing upright with batwings and an antenna that everyone loved for christ's sake!

Again the controls are well attuned to the console and there is nothing wrong with the game mechanically other than it chugs a little bit in battle at times and the gameplay is as innovative as dirt. Its actually kinda good looking with a great matching musical and sound accompaniment. And all these factors get it to a 6, but it lacks the depth and/or novel styling which would give it anything higher.

Some may think this review sounds elitist, but as an adult with increasingly fewer hours in my day to play games, I don't have the patience I used to for the same ol' thing.

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