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Big expectations, bigger disappointment.

posted by WingCKF (EAST LANSING, MI) Aug 2, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Before picking up this gem, I read some of the mediocre reviews as well as a glorious 10 minute venting festival from a close friend on how terrible the game was. But my friend isn't graceful with words and I had looked forward to playing this game for very much, so I picked it up anyways.

The good

-The game is gorgeous. The lighting, shadow effects, scenery, armor/clothing/weapon detail, and levels all look fantastic all the way through.

-Easy local drop in and out. If you have a significant other or friend you enjoy playing next to, this game makes it very easy to sit down hit a couple buttons to figure it out and start hacking away. (Not exactly what most people who play this game are looking for I know)

The bad.

-Cookie cutter skill trees. You are given the chance to "choose" the skills every set amount of levels. These skills are already chosen where they go and what they are. The only choice you have is when in the game you want to unlock one skill over another. In the end though you are stuck with the same skill set in the same place. They attempted to customize each set skill with a branch of 5 points per skill you can choose for it. Each branch only has two choices and they all tend to either be more offensive or defensive. Though it does make the skills more powerful or staying alive easier, it is still the same skills with the same set up.

-Very slow start and boring overall story. Seriously, the first two hours was like watching the end of The Lord of the Rings for the 17th time.

-Short. If you avoid the the side quests, you are looking at maybe 8-10 hours tops. With all the sides, 12- 14 tops. Sent back faster! :)

-Coop = useless. Coop in this game simply means drop into someone else's game and give them hand for a while, then leave with nothing. Whoever is the party member joining the game is keeps no EXP, no loot, and no progress.

-Customization? DENIED. Don't like how you look, where your stats go, or how you skills are set up? Too bad.

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GF Rating


Maybe worth a rent but not a buy

posted by Gunther13 (CARTERVILLE, IL) Jul 17, 2011

Member since May 2011

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Don't be a fool and buy this game like I did. My daughter wanted to get it because she liked the demo. Well the AI is really strange in this game. Whenever I would play with her it seemed like the AI was really super hard. We both died several times and frustration kicked in. She finally gave up Alas, then I learned how easy this game was. I beat it, after she quit, in about 5-6 more hours. Total must have been about 10 hours. Why a programmer would make it so hard to play local co-op on one screen I do not know.

The video quality was not good at all. About a 3

The sound quality was decent. About a 6-7

The voice acting was poor. I actually had Fallout fill-in actors. About a 3

Replay value is ok if you have the intend to tough it out and get the other trophies for finishing with each character. Personally, when the credits rolled I turned it off. There were a few trophies I could have achieved if I had played just a few more minutes, but to me it was not worth it. Replay score? About a 3

Multiplayer? Just plain stupid. If you join somebody's game you do not get to level up your own character. Why? About a 1 rating.

Overall Rating: 3-4

So again, I bought this game on pre-order. It has been out less than a month and I only got $18 bucks in trade-in value. Lamo Pokemon B&W is getting $20 and it has been out since March. What a joke of a game.

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GF Rating


Very Unambitious

posted by CaliGamer (SANTA MONICA, CA) Jul 7, 2011

Member since Jun 2006

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Dungeon Siege 3 is one of those games that leaves you feeling like the developers not only ran out of ideas on where to go with the series, but also decided to get rid of major components that made the previous titles so much fun.

The game itself isn't that bad as a pure hack and slash action game but that's all it really delivers. The story is very plain and lackluster and the voice acting is well behind where any major title should be. It has a very diablo-esque feel to it in regards to loot and the way massive amounts of it come pouring out of chests, so it's a good pick for people who like to sort through the 20 new items they gained within the last few minutes to see if one is a suitable upgrade to something in their inventory. Aside from that though the combat is very repetitive with a very small list of skills (9 in total) per character.

The biggest drawback to this game is the multiplayer. With the first dungeon siege the biggest draw was taking your character online to play with others. You can no longer do this. When you join someone's online game you assume the role of their AI follower and you're stuck with the way that player developed their skills. There is no way of progressing your own character by joining someone else's game at all. And there's of course not much incentive for other people to join yours when they can not use their own characters, so the multiplayer ends up falling very, very flat.

All in all Dungeon Siege 3 seems like a watered down, option lacking follow up to the previous titles that added nothing new and exciting while dropping the parts that made parts 1 and 2 fun to play.

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