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Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of Ancient Arts


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GF Rating


Decent Rental.

posted by Darkspell (MURFREESBORO, TN) Apr 14, 2008

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Let me first start off by pointing out the tarnish on the concept gold that is in this game.

The graphics in this game are pretty awful.. very pixelesque and it feels like they weren't really trying. Now, beyond that there is decent gameplay to be had here, provided you can stand the isometric camera angle, hand-cramping D-pad controls, and blatent misuse of the touch-screen. (There is no use for the touch-screen other than to display what is there.) The translation is lacking. I ended up with a sense of no real connection to the townspeople and at the end of the day it was just "fetch-quests" or "go kill this". There are no real quests outside of that. And be prepared to get plenty of drops that you can't use because they are all Race and Class specific. Not to mention since the graphics are so lacking, you won't notice any change in armor or weapon when you equip that new shiny rare drop you just acquired.

If you're a fan of the PC game Diablo or the dungeon-crawler genre, and you want something for the DS this might be right up your alley. Just beware that it borrows concepts heavily from other games.

I must mention that I did not get the chance to play multiplayer, mainly because when i tried to connect nobody was online, but it does have Voice Chat provided you trade friend codes and actually have someone else who wants to play.

If you do decide to try this game, I'd at best give it a rent. Just be prepared to experience hand cramps because of the awkward camera angle. (You'll be pressing diagonals on it alot.)

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dungon explorer: warrior of anchient art

posted by moon32 (REDDING, CA) Jan 23, 2010

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the graphics were only as good as a gameboy advance game. There were delays in the attacking which were probably programed that way.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Skip it, trust me.

posted by UnityK (AKRON, OH) Jun 1, 2008

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In all fairness, I TRIED to play this game for a few hours. I usually don't give up that easily, but the graphics are so bad that it's impossible to play. I actually had a headache from squinting when I put the game down.

I know that the DS won't have perfect graphics, but even reading the dialog boxes was tedious in this game. And, the dialog was long, repetitive and often unnecessary.

I should have known that something was off during character creation when I didn't get the true differences between the classes/types/genders.

I wanted this game to work, but for me it just didn't. There are plenty of better games out there. Rent those instead.

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