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GF Rating


Decent but not deserving of 6 or higher score

posted by Copperhead (AUBURNDALE, FL) Jun 16, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

7 out of 12 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

Thought I would give the game a chance even though it got alot of negative reviews. I spent around 6 hours playing this game just to see what all it had to offer. I feel that if you dont play a game longer than 15min to an hour than you shouldnt write a review because your not giving it a chance. So now on to reviewing this disappointment. Graphics of this game were subpar, there were moments I thought I was playing a PS2 FPS. Humor which was crude I actually found funny. Its definetly not for a 10year old. I mean really who adds throwing poo into a video game. I did love how you could draw on things and some of the interactive stuff. Sadly it doesnt make up for the lack of cool guns or the crosshair or garbage graphics. The aliens looked horrible and the accuracy of the guns is bad. I played until I felt I had enough, which was at the duke burger scene. This game is definetly a rental just for the humor and interactive stuff. I feel bad for those that bought it and wasted 60$. I am going to give this a 5 based on amusing factor, other than that is a PoS.

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GF Rating


Decent for what it was meant to be.

posted by LordCruxis (BELLEVUE, NE) Jun 16, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

10 out of 18 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

This game was meant to be an over-the-top violent, sexual game, and that is pretty much dead on. The game's humor runs the gambit from potty jokes to taking cracks at other game franchises, and while a lot of this does get old pretty fast, some of the one-liners had me chuckling late game.

As far as a first person shooter goes, its alright but nothing to write home about. The graphics were not meant to push any boundaries so they are a little oldish. The game itself is not meant to be serious, intending on poking fun at the genre, however its also a bit difficult, they don't provide much direction and you can get lost at times.

There are a few things that really do drag this game down. The first; the game drags on and on. It's one of the longer fps's that I've played, taking between 9-11 hours. This may be fine for you, but the game really feels like it's dragging. Second, there are underwater levels, 'nough said.
There are only a few weapons, and you'll find yourself using only 1-2 o them consistently. And lastly the humor does seem to dry up a bit.

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GF Rating


Extremely Torn

posted by knifeguy (WINCHESTER, VA) Jul 1, 2011

Member since Sep 2008

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I can't recall the last time I was this torn over whether or not I enjoyed a game. On one hand, Duke Nukem is filled with classic FPS fun, with enjoyable elements in between shooting segments to make it fun. However, some of the padding in between shooting can be extremely tiresome. Not only that, but the graphics and controls don't feel like they belong on a current gen system. Another thing that irritated me about the game was the fact that you can only carry two weapons. This isn't CoD, this is Duke Nukem. I should have an entire arsenal available to me at any time. Overall, the game is rather fun for a quick rental through the campaign mode, but aside from that, this game isn't really woth anyone's time unless they are a huge Duke Nukem fan.

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