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Fun for duke nukem fans

posted by wetdawg (CHESTERFIELD, MO) Jun 17, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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I was a huge Duke Nukem fan back in it's PC days. I was hoping the comeback would be worth the wait. After playing the game, I still enjoyed it because of the nostalgia it brought me. However, in today's gaming market, Duke Nukem is in no way a competitor. The game had so much potential but there were problems that held it back. The game should of focused more on just the shooting aspect of the game because that is what Duke Nukem is all about. I think the makers of the game focused too much on variety and lost the core of Duke Nukem. The driving parts and getting shrunk Duke to the next room parts added too much fluff in between the shooting. These parts just ended up being distracting and annoying. I don't mind a little puzzle challenge or a change of scenery in between shooting, but these factors made a huge majority of the game. I would only recommend this game to older Duke Nukem fans.

-Shooting up aliens like the good old Duke Nukem days.
-Game has Duke Nukem style and humor.

-Distracting puzzle challenges and driving segments.
-Graphics are ok but level of detail is mediocre.
-Less boss battles and more alien shooting.
-Loading times are rediculous.

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14 years to perfect junk

posted by RaidenFury (DENNISON, OH) Jun 29, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

51 out of 72 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I must say that first off, I was pretty excited to see that the game finally had come out. I've been a fan of Duke for quite a long time, and figured like most people, the game would never come out. I eagerly put the game into my system, and it had a data install. No big deal. Then 20 minutes later, I was ready to play.

If there is one thing this game does well at is excessive loading times. I haven't played a recent game with this bad of loading times in such a long time. And you would think that this wouldn't be an issue with the massive install.

Graphically, the game has very dated visuals and just comes off as cheesy. The humor has lost its edge after being dormant for so long. Maybe I just grew up a lot in those 15 years. The voice acting is also done very poorly.

Game play wise, it feels like I'm playing a shooter that would have been good 15 years ago. The controls are sloppy, the movement sucks, and the weapons and accuracy make no sense to me. Some enemies die with one shot to the torso from a pistol, others take 6 shotgun shells to the head. Keep in mind I'm talking about the PigCops.

Long story short, Duke has surely passed his prime. The only reason I give this game a 3 out of 10 instead of a 1, is the fact that it actually came out.

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Don't bother

posted by Smoovie (WINNETKA, CA) Jun 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

As a Duke fan this was a real disappointment. The game loads on to the hd for about ten min the first time. You would think this means faster loads between scenes, but no. Every cut scene takes about a min to load and it also take forever everytime you die. I got so fed up with it I returned the first day I got it. One great reason to rent vs buying.

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