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Duel Masters: Shadow of the Code

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Very Good

What can I say. Duel Masters is fun!

posted by ArcadeGuy (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 30, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

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Trading card games rule. The customization aspect makes it engaging and addicting, and they are very deep due to the high amount of cards to choose from and strategies to explore. To me, producing trading card games in videogame form is obviously a great idea, especially for Duel Masters, one of my favorites. This game even has all the cards from eight full real life Duel Masters set. The only question is, how well made is the adaptation? In this case, it's iffy. A videogame version of a card game is expectedly going to be less accessible than the real thing, but this game is clunky even for a veteran like me.

The main problem is that the game is not user-friendly when it comes to ACTUALLY READING THE CARDS. The only way to /actually read what a card does/ is to highlight a card or monster and press the select button, of all buttons. There is no other way to read a card. So, in general, every time your opponent plays a monster, you will be pressing L to pick menu, and then highlight the monster your opponent played, and press select to read it. (unless you somehow memorize cards by their artwork or sprite.) This can take 10 seconds altogether, because of the loading.

What makes it worse is that monsters actually form on an arena instead of appearing as actual cards. The spriting is quite awful, which makes it even more difficult to recognize them. What's even more baffling is that you can't see so much as the monster's NAME without reading the full card. The only thing you have to go by their lame sprite and their normal attack power.

Fortunately, all it really boils down to that you have to constantly highlight cards and press select on them. It's not so bad once you get used to it. Duel Masters Shadow of the Code is clearly not thought out very well, but it's still Duel Masters. It's a deep and addicting game, and a huge value. But it may be strictly for people who are familar with Duel Masters or other trading card games.

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GF Rating

Above Average

what game are others rating?

posted by Goldfox17 (STEVENS POINT, WI) Apr 4, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

First off it seems like the creators decided to be lazy and work less on the game overall. For example they decided to limit the animation so you don't get to see your cards attack, I know it’s not that big of deal, but that is not all they also limit your guy from making changes to how he looks no more different hair color. If you ever played the other DM games on the GBA you will be sad for you can not save during the arena tournaments which means if your playing on the road if you turn it off all your work is erased. Ok most of the stuff I see are not that big, but how about this they decided to not include all of the cards. So even though you can create your deck from other games you may not be able to have all the cards. The thing that makes this game worth while is that it is a squeal to the 2nd duel masters Kajudo showdown. The storyline is also great you can enter the monster world and more. Overall if you can stand not being able to save and the few missing things than this game will be just as fun as the others.

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