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posted by gladura24 (LOVELAND, CO) Aug 17, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

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so I rented this game hoping for something new to play (and also because there is a pretty small 3ds selection), and this game is that.
But beyond that, this game doesn't have much to offer. basically there are a few different games to try, but some of them use 2 fingers/styluses intuitively and in a fun way, while others seem like they were shoved in just so there would be more to do in the game.
the main premisses of the game is to play a series of mini games using 2 fingers to increase your athlie, an ever increasing number that is supposed to be your skill level across all games. the only problem is, there is no real reason to increase your athlie, and thus no push to continue playing the game after completing each mini game a few times. and furthermore, most of the games are not fun, and some even feel like chores. Basketball, for example, requires you to tap with the left hand to catch a ball(yeah, thats all)and the right hand to jump and shoot the ball. It really doesn't work well, because although it should be based on how you swipe the stylus, and with the speed of which you do so, it doesn't. it feels completely random.
the only truly rewarding game on here is boxing, where each stylus is a hand, and you beat the crud out of some poor dude who barely fights back.overall worth a rent, but only if your game q is pretty empty and you don't mind sending it back the day after you get it.

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