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Driver: San Francisco


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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3
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Driver for the Wii

posted by SilverHawk73008 (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Apr 17, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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I remember playing the first driver on the PC a few years ago, and I enjoyed it, but I HATED the controls... fast forward to 2012. Now it is on the Wii... Graphics were AWESOME. Controls were a little funny to try to master, but not too hard to learn and master. My biggest gripe is that I kept spinning out, don't get me wrong it looked really cool, but spinning out costed me a couple of missions and I had to restart. Still more fun than the original PC version.

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Above Average

Driver: Been there, done that

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 14, 2011

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Driver: San Francisco is exactly what the title suggests: in the main mode, you are a driver out to do several tasks for either the police or for some criminal organization. Through several missions, your task is to follow a target vehicle, destroy target vehicle(s) or participate in races. With each completed mission you get experience points to a level up. Get a level up and you can improve your car, your weapons, or the weapons the second player shoots with.
Problem is, the story (about a gang war in San Francisco as told by three characters through several acts) moves at a glacial pace, and after a while the missions start becoming bland and boring – not to mention extremely hard. If you get stuck on a mission, the game will come to a halt, and you have no choice but to try, try, try to pass that mission again.
Even with the freedom of exploring the city and finding the jumps or trophies for more experience points, the story mode was getting really old, really fast. Maybe it’s because the lacking graphics. The city looks blurred and blocky and the cars are very dreary.
The multiplayer segment supports up to four players and offers a bit more variation – but it’s far from the “unique” experience that the game boasts.
They have the standard race, elimination, pass the bomb (like Hot Potato with wheels), Gold Rush (opposite of Hot Potato), Capture the Flag and Cops and Robbers.
The race and elimination modes are limited to a set track over one of three sections of the city, and the Hot Potato/Gold Rush are limited to three arenas. There’s not a big selection of tracks or arenas for players to pick from.
Cops and Robbers and Capture the Flag allows players run all about the city – which is fun, but we’ve seen that in other racing games.
Driver: San Francisco is great out of the gate, but with a lagging storyline as well as hardly unique multiplayer mini games, this game doesn’t give enough fun for $50. RENT IT.

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posted by knockoutkings (DENVER, CO) Sep 22, 2011

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the graphics, the scenery such as the highway and stripmall shops are terrible!, it looks like they rushed in creating this game, just for the money, the gameplay is terrible the ai is terrible, the cars that supposed to be muscle cars and have the muscle car sound is also terrible, the only muscle car sound you hear is at the title of the game before you play it!, it is very misleading, and the multiplayer is also misleading i thought , i was going to play people online, all over the world it turns out it was only for at home! pass the bomb pass the flag? whoever created this game needs to be fired on the spot, the orginal driver is defintely beter and it was for the ps1! and ps2, common guyss!!

---- knockoutkings

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