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Driver: San Francisco


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Also on:Wii, Xbox 360
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Driver is Back!!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Sep 7, 2011

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This is the first time since the very first game were your strictly driving! No getting out of the car, no shooting, just driving. The cutscenes and animations are awesome but the story gets very confusing right off the bat but the gameplay is solid! Every car feels and handles differently. I haven't gotten half way through the game when writing this review but from what I've played so far I haven't been able to put it down.
There's 140 cars you can own from classic muscle cars to Tannen's 1970 Challenger all the way to the supercars like the GT-R and McLaren.
I really like the money system in this game. Everything you do will earn you what they call Will Power points which you can use to buy new cars, upgrades and so forth. You get points just for driving around, drifting and jumping so you don't always have to do missions to gain money.
I was like many people skeptic about the new system of jumping from one car to another but I think it turned out pretty well. If you’re doing a police chase and the suspect makes a turn you can't make then you can jump into another car and stay right on his tail. The game also challenges you to try new ways to take down other cars. The best way is to jump way ahead of the pursuit and get into a on coming car then use that car to slam him head on to cause even more damage. The dialogue you hear when jumping into cars that have passengers is funny. You just jump right into a conversation and Tanner just goes with it.
The best thing I've seen thus far is that even if the car you want isn't available in the garage you can still find one driving around the streets and jump into it. Not only that you can still use that car in certain missions that allow you to use your own car.
The last thing I want to mention is they have classic movie chases. They recreated the chase from Bullet. Your the Mustang chasing down the Charger down the SF streets. Classic!!
And yes they still have the movie maker mode! But this is just me! Try it!

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Best Driving game of 2011

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Sep 10, 2011

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Driver SF is an awesome game let me just say that. When you first start the game you wont want to put it down. It's so addicting that I do not want to stop playing it. Lets get to the review

The Good:

The story is very well paced and the new warp system allows you to warp to any car you see and drive. That's awesome.

The graphics are outstanding. The cars are photorealistic and the city of San Francisco looks stunning.

The gameplay is so addicting.

The 19 multiplayer modes are also a great deal of fun.

There's nothing bad about the game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

The Wheelman Is Back

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Nov 8, 2011

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3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

First, the graphics were stunning! Standing ovation to that immediately. I did not like the new appearances of Tanner and Jericho and some others, but the artwork was still awesome.

Second, the controls were terrible. I don't like this new trend of the R1/R2 used as gas and brakes on many new car driving games.

Third, the story was moderate. It was a little lacking, but not terrible.

Over all, this was above average.

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