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Driver: Parallel Lines


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posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Jul 16, 2007

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Right out of the box, Driver: Parallel Lines has a lot to offer. For starters, it has to be one of the best looking sandbox driving gamers that's currently on the Wii right now. And just like the titles implies, the game is focused around driving through a varity of missions, as well as the shoot em up styles of games like Scarface, and The Godfather. The controls are not to bad, with still room to improve.

The graphics on driver are smooth, and the fps are great. The detail level is also something this title has going for it. From the sparks flying off the trash cans you hit with your car, to the pretty tacky 70's themed cut scenes. The game's controls are pretty good as well. You drive entirely with the nunchuck, and you can use the motion controls of it to help you slide, and do maneuvers like 180s. And the rest is pretty much point and click shooting. The garage is also another key feature that stands out in this game. You can change the color, accessories, window tint, and performance of all your cars.

On the not so great end, Driver's difficulty can be hard, or extremely easy. Some missions seem like they were tacked on to add some time to the overall gameplay. And the controls when driving can be hard to get used to due to the fact it's easy to want to hold your nunchuck to the side causing the car to slide all over the place. Driving is also more realistic when compared to a game like Scarface or GTA. When you hit another car doing 80, it's a big impact and your car will spin out of control. When doing pretty difficult missions, this can get really annoying, but for those gamers looking for a big challenge, this might be right for you.

Definitely give this game a try. This is one I think the critics were trying to stack it up against a game like GTA, when in reality it's more like the original drivers. Driving is the key attraction in this game, and it does deliverer.

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Frustrating Controls Ruin this

posted by DocWMB (NEWBERG, OR) Feb 21, 2008

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The obscenities eminating from the poor bystanders I was mowing down were nothing compared to those coming from my mouth as I tried to complete even the simplest tasks at the beginning of this game. After spending about 4 hours and noting only marginal improvement in my driving ability, we put the game back in the mail.

The Nunchuck control is used for driving, with the Z button for accelerate (if not down you decelerate) and the C button for brakes or reverse. The Joystick is used to steer, and the motion control/tilt sensor is used for "handbrake turns." The problem is that while trying to steer with the joystick, any tilt or motion of the Nunchuck at all will send you careening into a spin, from which it is difficult to recover without coming to a complete stop.

While walking, the main remote pans up/down/right/left and the joystick on the Nunchuck moves you in the direction pushed on whatever screen you've panned to, so you can turn using either controller, but coordinating them is difficult. I'd rather be able to look right or left, and have to steer in that direction with the Nunchuck.

I play games to unwind and relax. The controls on this one were so frustrating, that relaxation was impossible.

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Driver could be way better

posted by drewracer4 (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Jan 16, 2009

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The controls are not customizable. You have to steer the car with the nunchuck joystick. Why would Ubisoft ignore the awesome accelerometer capabilities of the Wii remote and force you to steer with your thumb?

Movement on foot is especially frustrating. Panning the camera is done by pointing the Wii remote to the edge of the screen, and it is very hard to control what you want to look at while you are walking.

Also, the throttle is controlled from a nunchuck button, so its either full throttle or nothing. This is lame because at full throttle, the tires spin for a while before they grip. You cant feather it and give half throttle at all. Oh yea, cops don't like it when you do burnouts (which are impossible to avoid) so just driving anywhere near a cop causes them to chase after you. Lame.

Poorly thought out controls make this game no fun to play and if I had purchased it before playing, I'd promptly return it for a refund.

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